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On Wednesday, goalkeeper Denise Schroeder was officially switched to the Los Angeles Lakers and was warmly welcomed on social media by new superstar LeBron James

To capture Schroeder, the Lakers sent forward Danny Green and the 28th overall pick in the NBA draft on Wednesday to the Oklahoma City Thunder

Schroeder can reduce a large part of the workload of James the German citizen has a great speed in the open court allowing him to push the speed, a legitimate threat to score

Gives the Lakers the option to score a legitimate third plus a second player who can perform his vaunted quick break with James

Green’s departure creates an immediate need for a 3D winger. There are rumors that the Lakers are interested in contracting with free agent Wesley Matthews to address this need.

Robert is a native of Santa Monica, California and graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara. He’s been a fan of the NBA since he was a little kid in the mid-1990s and fell in love with the Lakers led by Nick Van Axel. He really cherishes the Kobe Bryant era of Lakers basketball and the Lakers tournaments The world five that came with it, looking forward to the next NBA title

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of at least five teams that have shown interest in veteran goalkeeper George

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Dennis Schroeder

World News – USA – LeBron James welcomes Dennis Schroeder to the Lakers