Week 16 is just around the corner, and the end of the 2020 NFL regular season is just around the corner, every win means anything to try to lock seeding, division titles or wildcard berths to get into the playoffs arrive while every loss is devastating

The postseason field has been expanded by one team at a time in the AFC, and the NFC to a total of 14 has made late-season results more interesting.Based on the current leaderboard, here’s an updated rundown of what each conference tournament would look like when the playoffs would start now:

1 Kansas City Chiefs (13-1), Champions, AFC West The Chiefs roll out of the regular season with upcoming two-time MVP Patrick Mahomes in their mighty Super Bowl 54 defense, and they’re just one win from securing home advantage and that lonely goodbye removed in this year’s playoffs. You can also lock the top seed at a loss to the Bills or the SteelersRemaining Schedule: vs. ATL, vs. LAC

2 Buffalo Bills (11-3), champions, AFC East Bills tied the division’s title in week 15 and can now focus on getting the No. 1 to keep 2 over the Steelers they beat in week 14 But they also need to keep winning so they don’t fall as low as No 4 behind the Titans they lost to Schedule remaining: at NE, vs. MIA

3 Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3), first place, AFC NorthThe Steelers, who have lost three games in a row after starting 11-0 thanks to the offensive battles associated with Ben Roethlisberger’s shaky game, can now use the No. 1 forgot 1 seed You have to finish a game before the bills to get back to No. 1 to return 2 but they have a decisive win against the Titans who are right behind them The Steelers can still bounce back to win the North with a win or loss for the Browns in either of the last two games that should be tough Losing Steelers in Week 16 and the Browns winning, Week 17 becomes a de facto Division Title Game Remaining Schedule: vs. IND, at CLE

4 Tennessee Titans (10-4), first place, AFC South The Titans hold the South at the head of a division-record tiebreaker over the Colts, despite having the same overall record They can’t catch the Chiefs but they have an outside shot on No. 2 after beating the bills earlier in the season The Titans would win at least one playoff spot with a win over the Packers or a loss by the Dolphins or Ravens You can win the South with a win and a Colts loss remaining Schedule: at GB, at HOU

5 Cleveland Browns (10-4), second place, AFC North The Browns will oust the Steelers to the division if they win and the Steelers lose the Colts in Week 16. The Browns can at least get their first place on the wild card since 2002 win with a win over the Jets and a loss against the Colts, Dolphins or Ravens Remaining schedule: at NYJ, vs. PIT

6 Indianapolis Colts (10-4), second place, AFC South The Colts that split from the Titans must stay with them in week 17 to steal the division The Cols would have at least one spot on win the wildcard with a win over the Steelers and a defeat by the Dolphins or Ravens. Remaining schedule: at PIT against JAX

7 Miami Dolphins (9-5), second place, AFC East The Dolphins can’t secure a playoff spot in week 16 as they virtually sit with the Ravens for the final AFC playoff spot they finish with two tricky ones Street games against the Raiders and Bills you have no margin of error as the ravens have an incredibly easy closing track relative to what they have remaining schedule: at LV, at BUF

The Ravens conclude with winable games against the Giants and Bengals as they attempt to catch the Dolphins, who initially have a conference-record tiebreaker for a game against them (6-4 vs. 6-5) If both teams win, the Dolphins get in and have a one-game lead on the conference record.The Ravens hold the head-to-head tiebreakers over the Colts and Browns but lose to the Titans The Raiders hang after consecutive home losses against the Colts and Chargers by a thread and would be eliminated at a loss to the Dolphins

10 New England Patriots (6-8)
11 Denver Broncos (5-9)
12 Los Angeles chargers (5-9)
13 Houston Texans (4-10)
14 Cincinnati Bengals (3-10-1)
15 New York Jets (1-13)
16 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-13)

The Patriots got too inconsistent to re-enter the wildcard race, and the week 15 loss at the Dolphins officially eliminated them, The Broncos and Texans are doing better than expected lately, but more will be about that for both teams Thinking next year The Chargers can think about what, despite all their recent wins, could have been with all their close losses.The Bengals were done when Joe Burrow went down in Week 11. The Jaguars and Jets are battling for the top draft pick and order finally changed when the Jaguars lost again and the Jets won in week 15

1 Green Bay Packers (11-3), champions, NFC North The Packers are in very good shape to keep home advantage and lonely goodbye for the NFC playoffs They lead the Saints through an entire game and own the mind -to-head tiebreaker You also run a game through the Seahawks and have the conference record tiebreaker (9-2 vs. 7-3) The Packers would be # 1 with a win over the Titans and a loss for the Seahawks to the Rams. Schedule remaining: vs. TEN at CHI

2 New Orleans Saints (11-4), champions, NFC South The Saints have their chances of getting no, really hurt 1 by losing consecutive games to the Eagles and Chiefs Now the focus will be on making the Seahawks for No. 1 hold back 2, armed with the conference record tiebreaker (8-2 vs. 7-3) They finally closed the division with their Christmas win over the Vikings Remaining schedule: at CAR

3 Seattle Seahawks (10-4), first place, NFC West The Seahawks have had a great week 15 when their victory in Washington coupled with the Rams’ shocking loss to the Jets gave them a one-game lead at the Searching for their top division title since 2016 got the Seahawks in need of help jumping the Packers and Saints, but they’d win the West and at least secure that seed by beating the Rams at home on Sunday LAR, at SF

4 Washington Football Team (6-8), first place, NFC EastWashington, despite losing to the Seahawks to stay below 500 in Week 15, is able to win the division in Week 16A win over the Panthers While the Giants would lose to the Ravens, a loss opens the door to both the Giants and the winner of Sunday’s Eagles Cowboys game to steal the division in week 17 remaining schedule: vs CAR, at PHI

5 Los Angeles Rams (9-5), second place, NFC West The Rams, one game behind, can’t win the division by beating the Seahawks for a season, they’d either win or lose in week 17 Need Seahawks to Achieve This, however, the Rams can secure a spot in the playoffs by beating the Seahawks. They can also secure at least one placeholder with a bear loss or a cardinal win Schedule remaining: at SEA, vs. ARI

6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5) runner-up, NFC South The Buccaneers take the division after the Saints win in the opening of 16th Week No More Winning However, you’re about to secure a wildcard berth and can do so with a win over the Lions or a loss to the Bears Schedule remaining: at DET, vs. ATL

7 Arizona Cardinals (8-6), third place, NFC West The Cardinals can only win NFC West if the Rams beat the Seahawks and then the Cardinals beat the Rams, while the Seahawks lose again in week 17 Cardinals can secure a wildcard spot in Week 16 by winning the 49ers and losing the Bears Schedule remaining: vs. SF, at LAR

The bears have to win and hope the cardinals lose at least once to have a chance of getting no 7 The Vikings dropped out of that mix and were eliminated from the Saints with their Christmas loss

9 Minnesota Vikings (6-9)
12 Detroit Lions (5-9)
13 San Francisco 49ers (5-9)
15 Carolina Panthers (4-10)
16 Atlanta Falcons (4-10)

The Cowboys, Giants and Eagles are still looking at Washington The Cowboys and Eagles who play against each other in Week 16 must win and Washington must lose twice. The Giants even have to deal with Washington to win the division since they keep the head-to-head tiebreaker

The Lions and Hawks are down here after both firing their coaches during the season The 49ers joined them with back-to-back home defeats to the Bills and Washington, the Panthers’ week 15 loss at Green Bay was the eighth loss of this one Season

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