WASHINGTON (AP) – Drug manufacturer Merck & Co will help manufacture rival Johnson & Johnson’s newly approved coronavirus vaccine to expand offerings faster, a Biden administration official confirmed Tuesday
The announcement comes as the White House tries to speed up production of the single-dose vaccine, officials said J&J had unexpected production problems with his vaccine, producing only 3.9 million doses before the company was given emergency clearance on Saturday is on track to dispense 100 million cans by the end of June

Richard Nettles, vice president of J&J, told lawmakers on Capitol Hill last week that the company had faced “significant challenges” due to its “highly complex” manufacturing process

Merck’s support was intended to help J&J meet its manufacturing obligations and expand its offering, but management did not immediately provide details

It wasn’t immediately clear when the effects of Merck’s support would be reflected in the offering. Previously, federal officials warned that it would take months to set up highly specialized production lines to make vaccines

A second official said Merck would use two plants for the production process, one would make the vaccine and the other would put the vaccine into vials and ensure strict quality controls

The two administrators confirmed Merck’s involvement on condition of anonymity. The news was first reported by the Washington Post

Merck halted its own plans to develop a coronavirus vaccine earlier this year, noting that its candidates produced a worse immune system response compared to other vaccines, it said it would instead do its work on developing treatments for COVID -19 focus

Compared to the two-dose versions manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer, the J&J vaccine is less resource-intensive to distribute and administer, which makes it a key ingredient for US plans to spread vaccinations around the world – but only if Americans are vaccinated.The J&J vaccine can be stored in refrigerated temperatures for months instead of frozen, and doesn’t require patients three or four weeks later for a second dose return

Prior to the White House announcement, Merck would not discuss a deal with New Brunswick, New Jersey-based Johnson & Johnson to make doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or to say whether to talk to other companies about it help make your

“Merck remains committed to contributing to the global pandemic response and preparing for future pandemics,” the Kenilworth, New Jersey-based company said in a statement

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