The result of the season finale on Sunday between the Green Bay Packers (12-3) and Chicago Bears (8-7) will help determine postseason positioning for both teams and shape the look of the playoffs in the NFC

While the Bears can win a playoff spot with a win, the Packers can take the No. win 1 seed in the conference with either a win over the Bears or a loss to the Seattle Seahawks to the San Francisco 49ers

It’s been a while since a Packers-Bears game meant so much

The Packers have played three games without David Bakhtiari this season, but nothing compares to losing a Pro Bowl tackle to an end-of-season injury during a midweek training session that is a devastating blow, especially in the one Proximity of the playoffs even if the Packers are deep enough to mend over the hole he leaves in the offensive line Coach Matt LaFleur said the Packers plan to be flexible with their five starters but the most likely scenario is still for Billy Turner to go back to the left tackle and Rick Wagner to start the right tackle again.How the offensive tackle pair handles the deal against the Bear Edge Rushers will be the focus on Sunday Aaron Rodgers was out of clean pockets this season devastatingly effective, but keeping the pockets clean just got much harder for the Packers. The offensive line to Bakhtiari has e a tough early challenge against the bear front

Green Bay Packers recipient Davante Adams, 17, caught on Sunday the 27th A pass for the fourth quarter in front of cornerback Malcolm Butler, 21 of Tennessee Titans

, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, December 31, 2020

A final chapter is added to the regular season in Davante Adams ‘historic season, and when he’s productive again in Chicago, he’ll rewrite the Packers’ reception record book for a single season. Adams needed four catches, 192 yards and two touchdowns to rewrite setting all three records in the team’s triple crown may be a long shot, but four catches and a couple of points are within Adams reach, especially if the Bears miss cornerbacks Jaylon Johnson and Buster Skrine Adams goes into the season finale and leads the NFL at catches per game at (8) 4), yards per game received (1022) and touchdowns per game received (13), those would all be new team records for a single season, what Adams also catches 762 percent of his goals this season makes him one of only two players since 1992 to achieve at least 75 percent of his goals and receive an average of at least 100 yards per game He joined Michael Thomas in 2019, so it’s no exaggeration to say that Adams has the opportunity to end one of the biggest seasons in NFL history on Sunday in Chicago
After producing just four takeaways in their first seven games, the Packers have made 12 in the last eight games, including at least one of seven games.Three of the takeaways came out against Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears during the 41:25 win the Packers at Lambeau Field in November Chicago are playing better on offense last month, but Trubisky is still able to make big mistakes in big places and he will face an increasingly opportunistic defense that has many passes on The bears have a chance of winning if Trubisky can avoid sales. The packers can run away with it again if he can’t

The Bears are making more of running back David Montgomery and receiver Allen Robinson by the end of 2020, but the Packers appear to be well-positioned to tackle both on Sunday Mike Pettine’s defense broke not just against Derrick Henry and the last week Titans prevailed, but cornerback Jaire Alexander plays just like any other player in football The Packers generally don’t have Alexander shadow receivers, but this could be a place to do if Pettine kept Montgomery in check early on and Robinson did the whole game with As Tramon Williams said last year, the Packers are trying to get Trubisky to play quarterback, which means keeping him in his pocket and forcing him into one-dimensional, if Alexander can harass Alexander, the bears would have to find other ways to produce insults and points Hard Throwing Situations The ideal scenario is to get Trubisky through the situation on without altering the effects of his two best weapons

29 November 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers, running back to Jamaal Williams (30), reacts after suffering a first loss in the third quarter during the game against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers enjoyed a situational superiority on the offensive all season long. The group occupies second place in third place and first place in the red zone that reaches the finals. At least statistically, the bears should be situational on Sunday Challenge with sixth best defense down and second best defense in red zone The Packers dominated both areas a month ago, converting their first five third downs and scoring four touchdowns in the red zone, and the Bears offensive is in third Place on the 31st 3rd place so the Packers defense should have a chance to leave the field Matt LaFleur’s side have been nearly unbeatable this season as they dominated situational football The Bears must be way better in third place and the red zone to be to have a chance on Sunday

Losing David Bakhtiari in the middle of a week could be devastating for Matt LaFleur’s team, but the injury could also be a rallying point as the Packers try to get the No. 1 to win 1 seed The depth of the offensive line is strong, and Aaron Rodgers should have great matchups in the passing game against a defense that is up to two secondary starters missing, as long as the protection doesn’t implode and the packers find a way, one or two To get takeaways on Mitchell Trubisky, a win in Chicago seems entirely possible I’m expecting something special from No. 12

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