ALBANY – Gov Andrew M Cuomo announced on Sunday Jan. March, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in New York on the next morning, he said on CNN, “There will be community spread,” but “there is nothing to worry about””

Ten months later, with more than 36000 coronavirus-related deaths in New York make the world look very different, and for New York’s 63-year-old, three-time governor, who has spent decades in politics, the spotlight has never been brighter or hotter than it has been for most of them this year, which brought with it adoration and dislike

In early March, the legislature voted to give Cuomo the unbridled unilateral power to rewrite or enact laws at its own discretion.These orders can be overturned by a majority of the two houses, but they avoided it, despite many legislators calling for it Restricting the Governor’s Powers The New York COVID-19 response has since reflected the approach of one man – Cuomo

Starting in late March, when New York became the country’s epicenter for the virus, data from Google Trends showed that the spring search for “Andrew Cuomo” peaked, dwarfing all other points in his public career For a short time he was more popular in the search engine giant than Joe Biden, his party’s alleged candidate for the presidency at the time

Richard Azzopardi, a spokesman for Cuomo, said that for the first few weeks it felt like “intellectual exercise and responsibility,” a kind of puzzle to protect as many people as possible

Then one weekend, about a week later, while sitting at the Excelsior pub after a meeting, he received a call stating that two members of the congregation had COVID-19 and the Capitol was closed, then it struck in person

It also hit everyone else when the state was ordered by the governor to shut down, destroy New York’s economy and push millions of people off work amid what Cuomo called “New York on break” shutdown, He faced protests from unemployed New Yorkers and saw that the state’s unemployment system was overwhelmed and lagged as people struggled for a living

Cuomo’s briefings continued, often taped live on national cable news networks, and many across the country tuned in every day.People were drawn to the PowerPoint presentations, the props, his obsession with facts about opinion, and his personal anecdotes he received Praise for his persistence amid a difficult time for the country

Cuomo also carefully selected his news outlets, including appearing on his brother Chris’ CNN show and other broadcasters, where he often avoided asking difficult questions in October, as the nation continued to fight the pandemic, Cuomo published a book called “American Crisis,” in which he recounted his handling of the coronavirus response as New York entered a virus resurgence

Azzopardi said national fame “crept up on us” when the governor made the same presentations he has had in office for a decade With the country in a new mood, Cuomo’s normal style connected just differently

Then Cuomo won an Emmy Award that year and was a finalist for Person of the Year for Time Magazine Google Trends Show that his popularity peaked during the last week of March through early April

His fame started fan clubs on social media His most loyal followers called themselves “Cuomosexuals” and speculated about the governor’s nipple piercings while he talked about drawing him for the White House

“Brother, you have to find your joy wherever you can,” said Azzopardi with a laugh at all the madness. In speaking with Cuomo on these subjects, he said, “the governor accepts everything”

In early December, Lindsay Boylan, a former Cuomo employee, got in touch and wrote on Twitter that the governor had “sexually harassed me for years”

Commenting on her appearance, Cuomo harassed her and put people off talking about it, Boylan said, adding that her experience was shared by others too afraid to speak up, Cuomo has categorically denied Boylan’s claims, and Boylan has avoided details and refused to speak to reporters about their allegations

The Times Union received copies of the Executive Chamber’s 2018 internal personnel files showing that Boylan was accused of bullying and harassment while working for the governor, which ultimately led to her resignation. Three black women reported, Boylan yelled at them and “treated like children” “This led to a meeting with Cuomo’s chief attorney at which Boylan offered to resign

Boylan told the attorney that she regretted that “her directness may be perceived in a certain negative way (contrary to her intentions),” the record shows

This year critics have also particularly focused on Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes in the ongoing crisis The governor’s actions have allowed the virus to spread like “fire through dry grass” in facilities as he had at times described it

More than 6500 New Yorkers in nursing homes have died of COVID-19, which is a smaller percentage of the total deaths than some other states, according to Cuomo. Critics have countered that Cuomo’s Department of Health only counted nursing home deaths rather than people who were infected there and died in hospitals, which in their opinion artificially depresses the numbers

Howard Zucker, Cuomo’s health commissioner, told the legislature this summer that he would provide data showing how many people who got sick in nursing homes later died in hospitals. He hasn’t done so yet

Republicans in the legislature, including the Sen James Tedisco, a Republican from Glenville, has taken up the problem and said the governor is doing a “cover-up” to hide the actual number of deaths in nursing homes

“Although he’s a very knowledgeable and very intelligent person, he makes the same mistake as Richard Nixon,” said Tedisco. “You have to do him credit, I mean he got an Emmy for his ability to work with the media and the Communicate publicly, but he doesn’t want to answer the tough questions in these cases ”

Azzopardi said that while the government would have done a few things differently in retrospect – a previous mask mandate and more of an understanding of the asymptomatic spread – he attributed much of the criticism of the policy

“I really think they don’t know what they’re talking about,” he said New York basically had to set up nursing home reporting systems overnight, Azzopardi said, and there wasn’t a single model set by the federal government

Both Republicans and Democrats have requested more detailed figures on nursing home deaths from the Cuomo Health Department, which are not yet available, Sugar has said the department is studying and compiling the data but has not offered a detailed explanation for the delay

“I know if that number comes out the governor will be embarrassed, but some things rise above politics,” said Tedisco

Despite the criticism, Cuomo’s star has risen this year and his Google search numbers are still higher than they were before the pandemic

This popularity shows Amy in her forties, who lives in Nashville and works in the auto industry.She runs a Twitter account for Cuomo’s ties, which often feature funny patterns.Although Amy has never lived in New York, she started her earlier this year To engage in briefings from home, she noticed the governor’s connections and decided to open the account

She can now quickly see where the governor is buying his ties from the samples and some quick google searches – his favorites seem to be Vineyard Vines and Salvatore Ferragamo, she said the account is about 1000 followers and she said he had more than 270 in the last month aloneHad 000 engagements

“I have a degree in journalism, so my professors would be proud to use my research skills for a tie account on Twitter,” said Amy

She was forced to turn off direct messages from the public “because I got weird things,” she said, “People would say how much they loved him or the opposite … I blushed for him sometimes”

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