YORK COUNTY, SC. (WBTV) – “When you see doors come off their hinges and people with bats look through them, you don’t know what to expect”says Congressman Ralph Norman The girl who was shot was at one of the doors. She climbed through the glass and tried to get through”

For Norman, Wednesday was a day he will never forget. He watched what he had just described before being taken from the chamber of the house to a safe place

“They told us we couldn’t get the windows and they would tell us when it was safe for us” he says we stayed there about four to five hours It was messyâ ????

A few hours after the all-clear signal, Senator Lindsey Graham delivered a passionate speech saying, “Enough is enoughA few hours later, Graham gave another speech in a press conference, this time repeating the same sentiments, calling this mob terrorist

“How embarrassed and disgusted that I am that a group of people who are terrorists, not patriots, occupied the floor of the house and kicked the Senate out of its chamber,” says Graham

While South Carolina leaders condemned what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday, the United States attorney for South Carolina goes a step further In a tweet last night, Pete McCoy said he was following anyone in the state who did participated or caused destruction

However, Graham is calling for a joint task force to identify every person who has entered the Capitol

â ???? People sitting in the chairs must be in a prison cell. People who attacked the Capitol police force should be accused of attacking police officers. Rioting could be an indictment he says

As for Graham’s thoughts on President Trump, who is a close ally, he says that Trump’s presidency has been tarnished

Senator Lindsey Graham joined Senate Minority Chairman Chuck Schumer in calling for the sergeant’s resignation. At his press conference, Graham says those who failed to defend the Capitol must be held accountable

Morgan Newell joined WBTV in March 2020 as a reporter from the South Carolina office and looks forward to covering York, Lancaster, Chester and Chesterfield counties

Lindsey Graham speech

World News – US – SC. Rep. Ralph Norman reports firsthand, Sen. Lindsey Graham calls for a joint committee after the Capitol uprising

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