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Rep. Jamie Raskin, House chief impeachment manager, said it was a “moment of special pride” to introduce impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett to speak in the Senate as she is the first delegate to ever sit on a team of impeachment managers Raskin also noted that Plaskett was his former law student at American University

Plaskett represents the entire US Virgin Islands Congressional District. She shared part of her personal story during her Senate remarks before going into detail on the Democrats’ arguments against former President Trump

“And because of the truth, I am confident to speak to you today, because the truth and facts are overwhelming that our President, the President of the United States, caused a mob to storm the capital and try that Certification of a to stop presidential elections, “she continued

Since Plaskett is considered a delegate because she represents US territory, she cannot cast votes on the floor of the house and could not vote to indict Trump.Now she can convict Trump as impeachment manager for the second trial

Prior to her election to Congress, Plaskett served as assistant district attorney for the Bronx District Attorney and as a senior attorney in the Department of Justice. She was also General Counsel of the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority

Democratic MP Ted Lieu, a House impeachment manager, said former President Trump “has run out of nonviolent options to maintain power”

“After his efforts and – of course the threat from officials – failed, he reached out to privately and publicly attacking members of his own party in the House and Senate. He would publicly attract senators and name them on social media,” Lieu said and quoted a December 18 Trump tweet that falsely claimed he won the election and urged Republican senators to “fight for it”

Lieu also featured a December 24 tweet in his talk in which Trump called out Senators, including then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, telling them he would “never forget” if they just “sit back and me.” watch the fight “”

“The president didn’t just come for a man or two, or Democrats like me, He came for you – or Democratic and Republican senators, He came for all of us, just like the mob did at his orders,” added Lieu,

Rep. Ted Lieu, one of the impeachment executives of the House of Representatives, recorded ex-President Trump’s print campaign to reverse the election results in his speech today from the Senate

Lieu from the 33 District of California serves on the Justice Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee. He is a former active duty officer in the U.S. Air Force who served as a prosecutor in the Attorney General’s Corps and currently serves as a Colonel in the Reserves

Lieu started out as Jan with the drafting of impeachment proceedings against Trump 6 attacks on the Capitol occurred while he was taking refuge in the Capitol

A few days after the House voted in favor of Trump and after he was selected as impeachment manager, Lieu told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “We absolutely have a chance of conviction … you had a violent mob attack on our nation’s Capitol to try to keep Congress from formalizing Donald Trump’s defeat, and Donald Trump was the one who started this mob “

Lieu sponsored the impeachment proceedings with his Democratic counterparts Rep David Cicilline and Rep Jamie Raskin

4th impeachment manager Rep Madeleine Dean Pennsylvania District spoke from the Senate today about former President Trump’s efforts to maintain the presidency, calling Trump a “desperate president” “

Dean was one of the many members of Congress evacuated from the house in January 6 attack on the US Capitol

Dean is a member of the Justice Committee and the past executive director of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association He later started a law firm with three women outside of Philadelphia

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Dean would be the manager, Dean tweeted, “It is an honor to serve as impeachment manager among my valued colleagues – for our country’s sake, not hate of a man or anyone, except out of love for our country and the Constitution ”

House Democrats extensively present President Trump’s attempt to reverse election results in key states, initially focusing on Michigan

CNN covered these events at length over the past year.Trump personally called GOP officials in Wayne County, the home of Detroit, urging them to withdraw their votes in order to confirm the results

He later hosted leading GOP lawmakers in the White House to convince them that lawmakers should turn the election results upside down

All of these efforts failed, and President Biden’s victory in Michigan was confirmed by the state

Sen Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, insisted he be careful when he sat in the upstairs gallery reading a pile of documents from his manilla folder.He said he read legal information on the case.He is the only Senator who sits in the gallery upstairs

“Well, I’ve got the reviews with me and I’m taking notes. I’m sitting up there A because it’s a little less claustrophobic than it is on the floor, but B, I also have a straight shot where I’m sitting in the Senate Chamber me, as you know, kind of in the corner i can basically see the back of my head but i picked a spot where i can look right down at them, i can see the tv and it’s interesting “

Hawley added that if Republican Senators disagree that the Senate has jurisdiction to consider the case, he believes there is no reason there should be a vote to convict – a view shared by many GOP Senators being voiced

Former President Trump advisor Jason Miller told Fox News that Trump was “in a great mood” “He said he spoke to him about five minutes ago.

He said Trump’s legal defense team would point out how “hypocritical” the House impeachment managers were during their arguments

Regarding reports, including from CNN, that Trump was dissatisfied with his legal team yesterday, Miller said, “The President thinks David Schoen did an excellent job there were also good points Bruce Castor made There are a couple of things we need to tighten “

The impeachment executives of the House are continuing their arguments and will provide evidence in the case against former President Trump

Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell led his conference through the impeachment timeline over the GOP private lunch today, explaining that GOP Sen said it was still possible to finish this process by Saturday night, Kevin Cramer

Completion by Saturday would mean they would answer the Senators ‘questions, final arguments, and final vote that day, and postpone the Senators’ final speeches until later, with the final vote pending, in part because of the question Whether Democrats will seek witnesses is not fully clear, but all indications are that the trial will end this weekend

In contrast to the 2020 process, when many senators from both parties had their say and made speeches ahead of the final vote, Cramer also stated that fewer GOP senators would speak this time – a sentiment that has been confirmed by many of his colleagues

The reason, Republican senators say, is because not that many GOP senators want to publicly defend Trump.In addition, senators from both parties are eager to come home for Presidents Day break next week

“I think there are a lot of incentives for that,” Cramer said of trying to end Saturday

Cramer told reporters that he believed that many of the Senate speeches that could stall the end of an impeachment trial would not take place until after the trial was completed and after a conviction vote was held on the date for the speeches the ground, however, has not yet been set by the leaders

Cramer said he would likely put something on the file but wasn’t sure he would speak officially

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World News – USA – Stacey Plaskett is the first delegate in US history to serve on a team of impeachment managers

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