You can now order a cheaper Model Y or one with seven instead of five on the Tesla website.As Electrek notes, Tesla’s original lineup when the vehicle was unveiled in 2019 included a rear-wheel drive version, but CEO Elon Musk announced a year later that any plan to build one had been canceled because its range would be unacceptably low. “It looks like the company has reverted to its original plan and cut the starting price of the Model Y significantly

If you visit Tesla’s website, you can now get a Model Y with standard rear-wheel drive for at least 42$ 000 – or $ 40$ 500 If In California – Buy Before Savings And Incentives The only options in the past have been the two-engine all-wheel drive and the performance versions Prices start at 49$ 990 The standard rear-wheel drive range is obviously much shorter at 244 miles, but that’s still longer than Tesla’s projected range of 230 miles, provided that Tesla expects the vehicle to begin shipping within two to five weeks It is available in your region It is already available in the US, Canada, and Mexico, but is not yet available for purchase from Tesla in Asia and most European markets

The company is also taking orders for the seven-seater model Ys. You must 3Pay $ 000 on top of the base price for the interior upgrade This gives you third row seating for two with USB-C charging and a sliding second row with an adjustable backrest.The upgrade also gives you the option of folding the second and third rows for cargo storage and an electronic fold release


World News – USA – Tesla begins selling its cheapest Model Y yet