Led by a career high of 26 points by West Virginia Junior Guard Sean McNeil, the No. 14 mountaineer finished a regular season with the No. 7 Texas Tech with an 82-71 win over the Red Raiders on Tuesday night

Texas Tech coach Chris Beard failed to make it to the final whistle after the referees hit his last nerve during the defeat

Beard, 47, was upset that 29 of the game’s 49 fouls had been inflicted on his team and that the officials had made an important gesture by a West Virginia player He yelled at the referees before falling on the hardwood and mockingly called for a time-out. The officers let the tantrum last for a while, but eventually threw him away

Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard has been kicked out of the game after an argument with the umpires BildTwittercom / o776Ypr4ji

Beard later said he mimicked the time out request because he saw a West Virginia player do the same before his breakout and the referees missed it

“There was no news there. I just thought, sometimes you have to fight for your players from a coach’s point of view from my point of view, the West Virginia player requested a break on the floor. I could see and hear where I was. At this point it is still a two-ball game, “Beard said after the game.” If that call is made, we have the option to set up our press and play the game anyway””

Texas Tech coach Chris Beard said he was fighting for his players when asked about the technical foul at the end of the game ImageTwittercom / 7U25QPbHaw

As former Associated Press National Coach of the Year, Beard brought the Red Raiders to the Elite Eight for the first time in program history in 2018 and led the team to the national finals earlier this year, Beard had a 94-44 record in four Playing times at Texas Tech and a 72 total 0 percent win as an NCAA coach

The defeat brought the Red Raiders to 14-6 that season and ended their winning streak in three games one day after the team reached the highest rank of the season

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World News – USA – Texas Tech basketball coach ejected for truly epic fit

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