President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign on Thursday downplayed President Donald Trump’s legal team to promote “totally distorted allegations of voter fraud” who failed to convince judges, election officials, or much of the American public

A Biden campaign spokesman slammed President Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer at a bizarre press conference in which he made far-fetched allegations of a “communist” plot to equip voting machines, scolded journalists and sweated profusely to the point that hair dye fell on his cheeks.

“What I’m describing to you is a massive scam,” Giuliani said. “It’s not very small.”

The former New York City mayor, longtime senior and widely respected federal prosecutor, also cited Joe Pesci legal comedy “My Cousin Vinny” within a period of nearly an hour before anyone else described himself. The “elite strike force team” of Trump’s attorney managed to get a word on the edge

Gwen said: “Another scene of Rudy Giuliani exposes, as his appearances always do, the absurdity of Donald Trump’s utterly distorted allegations of voter fraud”

“Several courts, election officials from both parties, and even officials within the Trump administration itself have asserted that allegations of widespread voter fraud are completely false,” Gwen said.

“In fact, Trump’s lawyers recognized this in the papers presented in court and under the direct questioning of the judges,” he said, “No matter how difficult Trump and Juliani’s failed attempt, they cannot overturn the will of the American people, who chose Joe Biden to be the next president of the states. United

“This press conference was the most dangerous hour and 45 minutes of television in American history,” Chris Krebs, who was fired by Trump on Twitter on Tuesday from his position as head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, said in his Thursday tweet. / p>

“And maybe even crazier if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re in luck,” Crips tweeted.

On Election Day, Krebs said on Twitter from his government account that “allegations that election systems were tampered with were not supported by evidence or technically inconsistent”

Cripps’ comments angered Trump, who claimed there had been “significant misconduct and fraud” those allegations that had not been substantiated

Hours before his press conference, the Trump campaign withdrew its federal lawsuit challenging votes in Wayne County, Michigan

Earlier in the week, Trump allies in multiple battlefield states, including Michigan, withdrew their lawsuits that were directed toward reversing Biden’s victories in those states.

Despite allegations of widespread voter fraud by Giuliani, other attorneys for the president, and Trump himself, the Ministry of Justice ???? The agency of the executive branch that will be delegated to pursue any multi-state conspiracy to rig the federal elections â € ”???? No action has been taken to indicate that any of these claims are based on fact

This has left the Trump campaign dependent on recounts and lawsuits in a few states for its efforts to overturn Biden’s victory. Legal and political experts give Trump little chance to do so.

Biden, the former Democratic Vice President, is expected to win 306 Electoral College votes when those votes are cast next month

Since calling for the national popular vote for Biden, Trump has been, uncharacteristically for him, far from the public eye because he refuses to waive the election

The supposed lame duck was also launching widespread postings in tweets in which Twitter routinely slapped warning posters that read: “This allegation about election fraud is disputed.”

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Rudy Giuliani’s sweat, Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye

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