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Jones is the latest in a long line of talented defensive goalkeepers that Tottenham will try to turn into well-skilled players.

With the 41st pick in the 2020 draft, Tottenham picked Tree Jones, a point guard outside Duke

The selection would definitely annoy or at least confuse some fans, given that Tottenham had a large number of goalkeepers already on the list, but in the course of the draft it made sense a lot of the big guys walked off the board early in the second round, leaving San Antonio With few options for a position they need Meanwhile, Jones, a high-profile player with an improved shot, defense-first mindset and leadership skills, was just there to take it this time, it looks like Tottenham has made the safe choice

Jones showed improvement as an attacking player in his second season at Duke in two major fields his shot percentage increased from three points and volume to 36 percent in nearly four attempts per match, respectively, while he hit the streak more often for the point guard Known for his decision-making and passing ability, his development as a shootout and threatening leader in command is a great sign that he is not only likely to get units in his groups but also plays a complementary role as a scorer and secondary builder as well with so many rangers in Spurs who seem to be succeeding With the ball in their hands, these skills can be valuable

In the field of defense, Jones is a very annoying person without risking too much. His decision-making and efforts towards this end are unquestionable, which is definitely something the coaching staff would love if there was one archetype that Spurs seem to like in recruiting. , As evidenced by Cory Joseph’s choices and Dijonet Murray and Derek White such men, Jones is not considered a great offensive threat at first, but he can hold a place for himself in the league by playing with energy in defense, squeezing ball coaches, and limiting his faults on the other end.

Would that be enough for a 6’3 “goalkeeper with a curvy outside shot and a mediocre athletic to go on in the league? It’s a valid question like his brother Tyus, Tre Jones cap seems to be a reserve goalkeeper that many teams in the league, including Tottenham Hotspur, prefer are There are scorers like Patty Mills in this role rather than caregivers who may play hard but may struggle to make a positive impact consistently due to their inability to do anything at a high level. Jones’ defense is the closest thing to elite skill, but even if he manages to chase opponents, he may struggle to get minutes We have seen one of the best defensive point keepers in the league, Chris Dunn, fail to get a qualification offer from the humble Bulls because the rest of the match I made him a burden

Jones’s future with Tottenham and possibly in the league will be determined by how persistent he is to be a quick player and pull the threat in Pick and Roll if he can play the ball and punish opponents who are subject to selection when the show runs, he may be a reserve guard more than capable if He was struggling to do so much in attack, his defensive skills probably weren’t enough to make up for that.

Tottenham made a safe and smart choice by going with Jones who showed improvement in his sophomore year in college and is said to have a work ethic to reach his full potential, no matter how much they might get a chance at a senior position or striker, but with Mills entering his final year of Contract him, having someone who can emerge as a substitute after spending a year in Austin improving his game makes sense.

Jones will now have to reward their confidence and complete his offensive match to become another defensive goalkeeper who turns into a legitimate NBA player after developing in the Tottenham system

Trey Jones, Devin Fasil

World News – US – Tottenham play it safe by drafting Tree Jones in the second round

Source: https://www.poundingtherock.com/2020/11/18/21574651/the-spurs-play-it-safe-by-drafting-tre-jones-in-the-second-round