UPDATE: The Senate passed a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package on Saturday that concluded an overnight marathon session after the Democrats resolved internal clashes that threatened to derail President Joe Biden’s top legislative priority

The extensive legislation includes 1$ 400 stimulus checks, $ 300 weekly unemployment benefit through summer, child benefit of up to 3$ 600 for a year, $ 350 billion in state aid, $ 34 billion in expanding Affordable Care Act subsidies, and $ 14 billion in vaccine distribution

The final vote was held between 50 and 49 along the Party’s political lines, with every Republican voting “no” after the Democrats rejected a number of Republican amendments to the delicate deal between, in repeated 50-49 votes not to bother progressive and moderate senators”

Before it can be signed by Biden, the House will have to re-enact the bill as the Senate made changes to its version House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md said the House would vote on the Senate-passed bill on Tuesday

Biden called the aid package “urgently needed” and praised the Senate for passing it on Saturday He said there will be “checks out the door” for Americans this month “

“The resources in this plan will be used to expedite the manufacture and distribution of the vaccines so that every American can be vaccinated sooner rather than later,” he said

He commended the Senate and applauded the “overwhelming bipartisan support of the American people in the move” He was referring to polls that suggest the legislation is popular across the board

The vote was a critical early test of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s ability to unite all 50 Democrats behind an important bill despite being an ideologically and regionally diverse caucus

“From the beginning we said this: We had to get this bill passed,” the New York Democrat told reporters. “We made a promise to the American people that we would bring the real relief they need. And now we have that promise meets “

Schumer said Biden called him and said to the president, “I knew we could do it”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KyDemocrats have been beaten up for their partisan approach, arguing they would deserve no credit for economic recovery

“The Senate has never spent $ 2 trillion more arbitrarily or less strictly,” he said. “The Democrats inherited a hand that is already turning”

The legislation would be a victory for Biden, who primarily campaigned to get Covid-19 under control and revitalize a ruined economy.The package also includes many progressive priorities, though others like increasing the minimum wage to $ 15 each Experts say the new policy will greatly reduce child poverty

The absence of Sen Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, due to a family emergency, prevented Vice President Kamala Harris from breaking a tie in the 50:50 chamber on what she needed to do for the Senate to begin a debate on the bill

The Senate’s changes to the House-approved version of the plan include reducing unemployment benefits to $ 300 (from $ 400 in the house bill) and extending it slightly to September 6400 dollar checks by making payments to those over 80Earn $ 000, or $ 160$ 000 capped for couples, and the bill subsidizes 100 percent of COBRA coverage for unemployed Americans, up from 85 percent for the House version

The Senate also approved some modest and undisputed changes offered by both parties before the final version was passed

The Senate appeared ready to begin the lengthy process known as “Vote-a-Rama” on Friday morning. But then the Democratic leadership paused to resolve a last-minute dispute over unemployment benefits and Sen to keep Joe Manchin of West Virginia aboard after he appeared ready to join the Republicans and change that determination, a move that would have alienated the progressives
As a result, the Democrats pulled out the first vote of the day for 11 hours and 50 minutes, setting a record for the longest vote in the Senate

In the end, Manchin agreed to endorse a provision, backed by other Democrats, that would also allow the first 10$ 200 of unemployment benefit for incomes up to 150$ 000 is non-taxable

Biden was in contact with Manchin during the negotiations on the compromise on unemployment benefits, a source familiar with the discussions said

“Today the Senate passed an aid package for Covid-19 that will help kill the Covid-19 pandemic and put us on the right path to economic recovery,” Manchin said after the vote, “I am proud to vote for this aid package and I look forward to the President signing this bill “

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World News – US – UPDATE: Senate Adopts $ 1 US $ 9 Trillion Covid Aid, Including May 1$ 400 stimulus checks with no Republican support

Source: https://www.wrcbtv.com/story/43456164/update-senate-passes-dollar19-trillion-covid-relief-bill-including-dollar1400-stimulus-checks-with-no-republican-support