Vice President Mike Pence announced the name Dec 18 at a ceremony in the White House to mark the Space Force’s one year anniversary

“From now on the men and women of the US. Space Force will be known as the Guardian, ”Pence said,“ Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Guardians ”

“The Name Guardians combine our proud heritage and culture with the important mission we carry out around the clock to protect the people and interests of the US and its allies, “the Space Force said in a statement

The name picking announcement was mocked on social media and inspired by the space adventure movie Guardians of the Galaxy

According to Space Force, “Guardians is a name with a long history in space operations that draws on the Air Force Space Command’s original 1983 motto:” Guardians of the High Frontier “

The Space Force said hundreds of submissions had been received from service members and the public

Also on Friday as part of the anniversary celebration, NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins left the US. Luftwaffe and was sworn in as a colonel in the US Space Force in a ceremony aboard the International Space Station

The transfer ceremony “underscores the decades-long partnership between the Department of Defense and the National Aerospace Agency,” said Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administration. “NASA is proud to have service members from all branches of the military serving as civilian astronauts for over 60 years are active ”

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