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Summary of the tenth week

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The United States men’s national team returned from behind to defeat Panama on Monday 6-2 in an international friendly match with the promising young group that is vibrating with life in the final third. Just days after a 0-0 draw with Wales, Greg Berhalter’s team improved in attack by three goals. Within eight minutes of the first half

Gio Reina scored his first goal, while Nicolas Giushini scored twice in a good display, although the striker missed a hat-trick after failing to convert a penalty in the second half. Sebastian Soto, who revived his young career in the Dutch second division, also scored goals in his debut, while Sebastian Lilletgate scored a late goal.

Panama caught the surprise, only eight minutes early ahead by Jose Fajardo, but Yos equalized after 10 minutes before controlling the match as the midfield trio, Stone McKinney, Tyler Adams and Younes Musa led the way

After everyone suffered during the first hour of that Wells game without a striker, it was great to see No 9 used in this one. It’s easy to point to the six goals and say it’s because of the Yos team. There was a player there, but it’s more than that. Nicholas Giocini and Sebastian Soto are much more players who have been trained to live in the box and look for opportunities whenever they come Both of them found them to have served as reference points in the attack, were well positioned and greatly strengthened their streak with the national team here.

While Josh Sargent and even Gacy Sardis are ahead aggressively, that at least puts them in competition for important minutes in the important matches to move forward

Everyone knows that the best combination of center back on paper for this team is John Brooks and either Aaron Long (Mae) or Chris Richards I’d like to see Brooks and Richards play together to see how they work instead, we started again with Matt Miyazga, who struggled. Once again his awareness of defense and the ability to read the ball in the penalty area is troubling he was mostly wrong in the opening match and again appeared average at best overall despite having some problems locking off the other players, the bright results in the back are That there should be some cohesion quickly

Weston McKinney and Tyler Adams have been scored as starters for important matches, and Yunus Musa is working his way through this conversation. He was sharp at handling the ball, his pace changed the rules of the game, he responded well to the challenge, became the first American player to start two matches before the age of 18


Moussa is allowed to flow forward, Adams stays a little behind and McKinney all over the field their roles have been decided, and they have shown a really strong chemistry so far, and that feels like the building block for this team going forward

Of course, that is if Musa has remained committed to America until now, he has not decided

One for record books! 💪 ⚽️ With the two goals he scored tonight, @ Sebastian9Soto became the fifth player to score multiple goals on his #USMNT debut and only the second to score that off the bench 🇺🇸 / 7kUlZzQnPc

One for record books! 💪 ⚽️ With the two goals he scored tonight, @ Sebastian9Soto became the fifth player to score multiple goals on his #USMNT debut and only the second to score that on the bench 🇺🇸 / BTmqtFGXYN

The content you need: Six goals in 29 seconds Here’s how we scored tonight for 🇵🇦 # USMNTisBack # Futurepic Twitter com / MunEppELRm

🗣 “I spent a week I will never forget” Nicholas_gioacc sums up camp after scoring twice for 🇵🇦 pic Twitter com / EXEj50mQ8k

🗣 “I spent a week I will never forget” @Nicholas_gioacc sums up the camp after scoring two goals against 🇵🇦 pic Twitter com / JZC5hYNNZB

¡Terminó! Acaba el partido en el Wiener Neustadt de 🇦🇹USMNT Fence 6-2a # Panama Mayor # USAPAN # TodosSomosPanamá 💪🇵🇦 picTwitter com / iNZDSosUpv

Así fue el golazo de José Fajardo con el ponía el marcador momentámenteUSMNT 3-2 # PanamáMayor # USAPAN # TodosSomosPanamá 💪🇵🇦 picTwitter com / p6j5LnH

Full time! Tell us this wasn’t fun Two Arches Three beginnings most importantly: Winning! Pic.twitter com / pYNEmvgfHD

USMNT is once again spending stoppage time winning with a goal from Sebastian Soto, his second goal of the evening after he was substituted in the 77th minute. USA wins 6-2

82 minutes | Sebastián Soto consigue su segundo de la tarde y pone ahora el marcadorusmnt 6-2 # PanamáMayor # USAPAN # TodosSomosPanamá 💪🇵🇦

GOALLLL! Sebastian Soto has BRACE off the bench on his #USMNT debut! 90 | 6-2 | #USAvPAN pictwitter com / t8hmm7wsKG

Así fue el golazo de José Fajardo con el ponía el marcador momentámenteUSMNT 3-2 # PanamáMayor # USAPABÑN # TodosSomosPanamá 💪🇵🇦 picTwitter com / tqNHvBfl7b

Goal !!!! Another Sebastian discovers the net. It’s @ SLletget’s third goal! 87 ‘| 5-2 | #USAvPAN pictwitter com / 7A8uln7mHh

87 minutes | Sebastian Lillett Amplia, Marcador Para, USMNT que ahora vence 5-2 a # PanamáMayor # USAPAN # TodosSomosPanamá 💪🇵🇦

This tweet: Better late than not come Chris Richards Mahal @ MattMiazga3 in the 80th minute Our 9th start in this camp and 3rd in the night helped us congratulate eastmamba on our first # USMNT hat! 🇺🇸👏 pic.twitter com / Q94hj4Cgy8

⏱️ 82 minutes | Sebastián Soto anota de cabeza y ahorausmnt le gana 4-2 a # PanamáMayor # USAPAN # TodosSomosPanamá 💪🇵🇦

Voting is officially open. Gio Reyna @ Nicholas_gioacc Yunus Musah Download U Q Soccer App to vote for Insider Man of the Match Voting closes soon!

⏱️ 79 minutes | Nuevamente José Fajardo, de # PanamáMayor, rompe las redes deusmnt y coloca el 3-2 en el marcador # USAPAN # TodosSomosPanamá 💪🇵🇦

79 ‘Jose Fajardo scored his second goal in the afternoon as he crossed the line of defense and scored 3-2 now that the match is over

Double Sebastian made and another debut! Sebastian Soto debuts on #USMNT – 8th of the week! 3-1 | #USAvPAN

⏱️ 75 minutes | # PanamáMayor intenta recortar distancias en el partido pero sigue abajo por 3-1 anteUSMNT # USAPAN # TodosSomosPanamá 💪🇵🇦📸GEPA pic pic.twitter com / GwxxYi1xhr

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World News – US – USMNT vs Panama Score: In a friendly, Geo Reina scores the first goal when the attack comes alive