In the last few weeks our NF.L. The playoff simulator has examined every possible scenario and made fans dream of unlikely outcomes

Usually there are so many ways a season can end that we describe them in very large numbers.But now the postseason opportunities have improved so much that we can represent each team’s possible postseason paths as branches of a tree

They have a hint of the possibility that they will still be No. Could get 1 seed for which they’d have to finish 13-3 in a three-way battle against the Chiefs and the Steelers, and then hope that some tiebreakers with strong timing will go their way, which is pretty unlikely, not least because the Chiefs have two games have to lose

The dolphins currently represent the number 7 seed. But they have two relatively difficult games ahead of them, in the Raiders and Bills. One win may be enough, but two the dolphins have to be sure of

The Steelers have lost three in a row and their possible playoff results now include a wildcard

The Browns have 10 wins for the first time since 2007. If they win their remaining games, this is their best season since the Reagan administration. They could still win the division if they win and the Steelers lose in week 16, but they could too Missing the playoffs A 10-6 record doesn’t guarantee a playoff spot

The ravens take third place in the A.F.C. North A wild card berth is their only hope You can’t win the division If they win their remaining games – both are excellent to win against the Giants and Bengals – they’ll finish 11-5, making them No. 1 would position 5 seeds, depending on how other AF.C. Wildcard Teams Pay You must win at least one of their next two games to stand a chance

The Colts have the same record as the Tennessee Titans but have routes to the playoffs whether they win the A or notC. South Even if they lose to the Steelers (11-3) in Week 16, a win against the Jaguars (1-13) at the end of the season should be enough for a playoff spot. And of course the Colts can win the division, but they need them the titans to slip

The Titans share the same record as the Indianapolis Colts but have an advantage over the tiebreaker between them.The division’s title is up to them to lose if they lose both of the remaining games – a result that could certainly occur if they beat the Packers and If the Texans compete – they will likely lose the division but will make it to the playoffs as a wild card

The Chiefs (13-1) sit on the A.F.C. West and are the top contender to get a farewell and home advantage during the conference playoffs, they won the division

The game book for the No. Getting 1 seed is easy: win one of the remaining games

The Raiders have lost four of their last five. Your only hope is the number 7 seed. You would have to win and then be very, very lucky

Washington has the best record in the NF.C. East soccer team fans have a simple task each week – the root of wins and the hope that the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles lose. A mere record of 8-8 would win the division

The Cowboys must win their remaining games to stand a chance. Even then, the odds are slim

The Giants stay one game behind Washington in the NF.C. Go east and in week 16 before a difficult game, visit the Baltimore Ravens (9-5) Amazingly, they can lose this game and still win the division by 6-10

Somehow the Eagles are still in the playoff picture. Your only path to the playoffs is as an N.F.C. Eastern Division Master One loss eliminates them

The Green Bay Packers won the N.F.C. North You are at the forefront of the conference and bye week is yours. As long as the packers beat the bears in week 17, it’s yours. You could get that spot in week 16 if they win and the Seahawks lose

A possible division title is long gone, but surprisingly, the bears keep looking for a wildcard spot in the NF.C. Their next game is against the Jaguars (1-13), who share the worst record in the league. If they win their remaining games, a 9-7 record can be enough to sneak in

The Saints (11-4) won the N.C. South you will most likely be ranked No. 2 seeds get into the playoffs but there are ways they can get the No. Can get 1 seed if packers miss a step

The Buccaneers knocked down Lions 47-7 on Saturday and secured a spot on the wildcard.If they win again in week 17, they’ll be No. Guaranteed 5 seeds and a playoff game against the winner of the low NF.C. east

The Seahawks lead the NF.C. West; A win against the Rams in week 16 would win the division, even with the No. Quit 1 seed Not likely, but possible The easiest way would be if the Seahawks finished 12-4 and the Packers and Saints lost something

It’s still possible for the Rams to win the N.C. West, a division with possibly three playoff teams, they’ll do it if they win their remaining games – both against division opponents They can also be the No. Received 1 seed, although not likely

You Might Also Miss The Playoffs It’s not likely, but if the Rams fell to 9-7 and were a little unlucky it could happen

The cardinals now represent the last place in the NF.C. Playoffs A win in one of the next two games would probably be enough A win in both would guarantee a playoff spot. The Cardinals cannot win the division even if they finish 10-6

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