2020 was a year like no other, it felt like something new and terrible was thrown at us every month this year alone, we survived a global pandemic, US elections, coronavirus lockdown, protests and more Angry

There have been several theories that the 21st December would be the most significant day of 2020. The day marks the winter solstice, the great conjunction and … the day all black superpowers achieve As you can imagine, the internet freaks on December 21st So here are all the memes from Dec. December

There are a lot of things that happen on Jan. December should go down It is not only the winter solstice (when one of the earth’s poles has its maximum inclination away from the sun), but also the great conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn are aligned so that they line up and appear as a huge bright star in the sky.It is a rare astrological event that will usher in a 20 year cultural reset and a new era, which is why there are also theories that the world could end today Welp

The alignment of Jupiter and Saturn is also supposed to bring the black superpowers. Apparently, the grand conjunction will unlock the “real DNA” of blacks and give us all superhuman abilities

I’m traveling back to 1955 with my superpowers to eat at a White’s Only Diner # 21 December ImageTwittercom / RFGoU4h3QM

“You know we got super powers and made me think about how you were my hero when I was fighting demons I hope I’m no longer the villain Stay Blessed” # 21 December ImageTwittercom / FeTPLdqPk3

My mother with her new powers wants the Queen to avenge her best friend, Princess DianaTwittercom / miAWI3jife

I levitated my mom and she said she was going to hit my ass if I don’t bring her down IDK HOW TO DO THIS picTwittercom / i0tTjkyXXa

We sang I think I can fly when I graduate from 5th grade Great and watch us now FLY # 21 December ImageTwittercom / aGsk3yWvg8

Shaun King Rejected After Applying to National Institute for Genetic Gifts and Astronomical SuperpowersTwittercom / NYdAi5L4iq

Will you be single or will you be inducted in 2021? There is only one way to reveal your fate … 💘

Popbuzzco / 2KLDKec ImageTwittercom / MrrjINHdGs

21 December

World News – USA – 21 funny memes from December 21st December, which frankly got out of control