Wednesday evening matchup between the current No. 1 seed in both the Eastern and Western conferences certainly lived up to the hype

Ultimately, the Sixers won 131-123 in overtime because they had the best player on the floor. They may have the best player in the NBA by the first half of the season

Joel Embiid ended the game late in regulation by sinking a heroic three-pointer from the right wing despite being closely guarded by Bojan Bogdanovic

Mike Conley’s right runner in Utah’s last possession failed and sent the game into overtime, where the Sixers maintained their momentum

The All-Star Game will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, Sixers head coach Doc Rivers and his staff will lead the team led by Kevin Durant, while Simmons and Embiid will be selected on Thursday night in the All-Star Draft Fans are allowed to take part in the next home game of the Sixers March takes place

After the initial hint, Embiid appeared to be well positioned for a pleasant night of offensive, his first two baskets were a byproduct of the Sixers who sensibly pulled two-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert off the sidelines when Embiid hit a step-back foul line -Jumper turned from a pick and roll and made a layup as he rolled after starting a dribble handoff on the wing with Seth Curry

The Sixers fed Embiid for consecutive midfielders after Derrick Favors came on as a substitute Utah’s backup center has not been able to knock Embiid out of his place in the post or effectively deny his shots other than tough double teams from various angles, there doesn’t seem to be any strategy in place to keep Embiid from getting the look she wanted

Once again, his strength and prowess were an overwhelming combination. He should remain a serious MVP contestant throughout the season as long as he avoids serious injuries. He has averaged over 30 points per competition in 30 games

Simmons, Embiid’s all-star colleague, had an efficient night, scoring 8 of his 11 field goals. Donovan Mitchell (33 points in 12v34 shooting) played well for much of the game against Simmons, kicking in a couple open pull-ups from effective ball screens and also hit a few difficult shots as Simmons stayed in front of him and the jazz was looking for something in the shot clock late

However, Simmons did an excellent job of stopping Mitchell in the fourth quarter and overtime. He is extremely challenging to score against 1-1
The Jazz scored 39 points more behind the arch than the Utah Sixers made 21 of 44 three-pointers, while the Sixers were 8 for 25

Jazz head coach Quin Snyder likely realized that the Sixers weren’t having a good evening out of three-point range and that Embiid always succeeded when he had a 1v1 match Embiid beat it in the second quarter Going it alone with a powerful baseline drive, converting an and-one layup to

Although Rivers said ahead of the game that his main focus is the Sixers, who try high quality shots – not necessarily the three of them – it’s obvious that the team would benefit from more long-range attempts provided they don’t throw Tons of closely contested blows at 27 feet

Embiid requested filming this off-season and got his request when the president of basketball operations acquired Daryl Morey Curry and Danny Green while the Sixers will try to resolve their three-point low volume issue internally Morey certainly before the close of trading on Jan. March to consider possible firing reinforcements Embiid himself said after the loss of the Sixers to the Pacers that the team would have to take more threes. His opinion rightly carries weight in the organization

Green had three points in the 6-1 shoot, four rebounds, a steal and a block. Not for the first time, Shake Milton was the logical choice to end the game against the 33-year-old Rivers also used Matisse Thybulle as a substitute for the defensive in the late game

Tobias Harris returned from a two-game absence with a bruised right knee and scored 22 points in 9v18 shooting. Although his mid-range game may have rusted a bit early on, the most important thing is that he’s healthy and should be available for important games in the second half

He was sharp and grippy in overtime and gave the Sixers a key of eight points in the post.His ability to score in isolation is very valuable, especially when the opponent’s entire focus is on preventing Embiid from getting the ball to catch

Even against the team with the best record in the NBA, Rivers believed the Sixers could close the game with an all-bench line-up late in the first period and early in the second, despite Furkan Korkmaz and Milton in the first half overall Earned 12 points, this second unit approach didn’t work as the Sixers bank allowed Utah to extend its lead to 13 points

In the second half of the season, we envision Rivers mixing his starter’s minutes with those of his second unit more regularly. The set-up would have to be pretty unusual for the Sixers to use five bankers in a playoff game at the same time, and it’s worth it therefore probably not to not play such lineups often in competitive situations

Dwight Howard had a tough time on either side of the ball in the first few minutes, missing two shots near the edge and allowing Gobert to score an offensive rebound Thybulle was Jordan Clarkson’s main defender, a smart call from Rivers who made the Sixers helped limit the sixth man of the year favorite in 3v9 to 10 points, 30 less than he scored against the Sixers in February 15 Korkmaz’s pump fake allowed him to foul on a three-point shot pull and let off an open long-distance attempt, although the jazz took him defensively in its sights at times

Rivers stayed the same line-up in the second half.This group did better, thanks in part to a surprising sequence in which Howard ranked 13th Completed three of his NBA careers, then Gobert stole the ball, brought it to the ground, and finally split two free throws

He blocked a Conley shot at the following possession that resulted in a Korkmaz basket on the other end.Unlikely, the Sixers had finished the game at 92, and Rivers’ substitution pattern didn’t suddenly look so ill-advised by Mike’s three Scott from the right corner about a minute later put the Sixers in front, giving the team’s starters (with Milton in Green’s place) a good chance of winning the game


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