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Former four division defending champions Adrien Broner is expected to lose more than two years of inactivity if he returns to the Showtime triple header in a bout against undefeated Jovanie Santiago on Saturday, while the 31-year-old Broner has been on a lifeless pay-per -View loss against Manny Pacquiao no longer fought in early 2019 and has since experienced countless problems outside of the ring, including weight gain, alcohol addiction, and legal issues

Puerto Rican-born Santiago will compete in the class for the toughest test of his career.The fight was originally scheduled for the junior welterweight division until both fighters agreed days earlier to raise the welterweight limit to the co-main event Couples ranked as heavyweights when Otto Wallin took on Dominic Breazeale

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LAP 9: Martin squeezes the action well for the second lap in a row.While the climb feels a little late, he’ll have to build on the momentum if he wants to do something dramatic

Easter cuts itself due to a clash of heads on the left eye #EasterMartin #PBConShowtime

R8: Easter warned against pushing off with forearms and elbows. He comes right back with a sharp uppercut before digging into the body. The perfect left hook got Martin Flush

LAP 8: Martin reacts to the urge of his corner and twirls nicely towards his body. Easter tries to force the clinch as he stands with his back to the ropes

Martin’s corner tells him that he is betraying the fight “You do nothing, Ryan You lose the fight You do nothing”

LAP 7: Easter Countered Much of Martin’s Advances Solid Start In Martin’s Body Easter is reset and works behind his thrust to control the distance

R5: Martin tries his best to get closer, but the more Easter folds first, the more it suffocates his opponent

LAP 5: Easter controls the distance well here and he is more aggressive with his right back. Some nice and clean shots from the former lightweight champion

@RobertEaster_Jr uses his range to his advantage and sets up combinations with the push #EasterMartin #PBConShowtime BildTwittercom / VFVGq1CjZW

ROUND 4: Martin fills the gap a bit by being more aggressive on the inside, focusing on the body, forcing Easter to fight back more on Martin’s terms

I like how Bunny boxes from the outside while attacking the body with sharp left hooks #EasterMartin @ShowtimeBoxing

Martin’s trainer tries to put him between the rounds by saying, “Are you going to let this guy punk you?”

Ohio Native Robert Easter Jr and Ryan Martin find their distance in RD1 #EasterMartin #PBConShowtime BildTwittercom / 3tORR7VKCt

Ohio Native Robert Easter Jr and Ryan Martin find their distance in RD1 #EasterMartin #PBConShowtime BildTwittercom / 3tORR7VKCt

R3: Another hard hook on the body lands at Easter and that wakes Martin up. The two trade punches late in the middle of the ring

R3: Nice left hook on the body until Easter Martin increases the pressure to cut off the ring, but still lets go of his hands too passively

ROUND 3: Easter hits the ground, but Referee Harvey Dock decides on a slip. Back, Easter comes to the body with two clean shots

R2: Easter turns the tables with its own thrust. A good combination of Easter forces Martin to hide

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Adrien Broner

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