A 55-year-old Athenian was one of four people who died on Wednesday when chaos erupted in the Capitol

DC. Police chief Robert Contee confirmed during a press conference Thursday that one of the deceased was Kevin Greeson

He said Greeson was one of three people who died as a result of “medical emergencies”

In the past few weeks, Greeson has posted dozens of times on the Parler social media site, which has grown in popularity with Conservatives, particularly since its launch in 2018

He voiced strong opinions on Parler, including calling for street violence in support of President Donald Trump, welcoming the far-right Proud Boys, and discussing his personal weapons and ammunition supply

This composite image shows four different messages Kevin Greeson has posted on his profile on the Parler social media site over the past few weeks

Greeson last wrote on 28 Posted on July 28th to his personal Twitter account July made a claim by Trump that “hydroxychloroquine” was a cure for COVID-19, and then declared support for Trump’s 2020 campaign and “Twitter sucks!”

Greeson has posted to Twitter only six times since joining in 2019. He also called former Ohio Gov John Kasich – a 2016 GOP presidential candidate who criticized Trump – an “idiot”

But Greeson’s family, in a statement to ALcom, said he was a “wonderful father and husband who loved life” Greeson “also loved riding motorcycles, he loved his job and his employees, and he loved his dogs”

Kevin Greeson posted this picture of himself holding guns at Parler, with the caption, “I wish these mothers would get to my hood!” in November

The family statement states that while Greeson was an attorney for Trump and attended the rally outside the Capitol, “was not there to participate in violence or riots, nor did he condone such acts”

“Kevin has had high blood pressure in the past and had a heart attack in the midst of the excitement,” the statement reads. “Our family is devastated. We are grateful for all the thoughts and prayers and appreciate the privacy during this time. when we mourn

His son Kyler Greeson posted on Facebook that his dad made me the man I am today I always go to car shows to support me and enjoy the cars together. He, my brother and I would get together Ride a motorcycle and have a great time He was such a great man we all miss you so much Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers ”

Posts on the Decatur Goodyear Facebook group mourned him, and members urged people to pray for Greeson’s family

Another man from Northern Alabama was arrested near the US yesterday The Capitol as an uproar broke out when Joe Biden’s presidential victory was confirmed

Officials of the D.C. Central Lockup said Lonnie Coffman is being held there. He is 70 years old. The lock did not provide an address for Coffman

This story was at 1; 55 p updated on 7 January 2021 to include a statement from the Greeson family

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Kevin Greeson

World News – United States – Alabama Man 1 in 4 people who died in Washington, DC chaos

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