On Sunday night, ABC viewers watched Claudia Conway audition on American Idol, the daughter of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and staunch Never Trump-er George Conway made it to the next round after being one Having sung Adele and a Rihanna song, George auditioned with Claudia and Kellyanne performed virtually

@AmericanIdol is back tonight with a lot of talent including our daughter! @ gtconway3d @Claudiamconwayy you are our IDOL Switch on soon: 8 / 7c #ClaudiaonIdol https: // tco / gO780fFYYC

Of course, Claudia is already known for her politically infamous parents who star in what is perhaps Washington’s most intriguing marriage.The 16-year-old has also attracted attention for her TikTok videos speaking out against her mother’s support for Trump, Disputes recorded between herself and her mother and Kellyanne has alleged physical and verbal abuse. Her mother allegedly posted a topless photo of Claudia on Twitter last month

Because of the dark and disturbing content Claudia posted about her family, there was an immediate backlash to American Idol’s decision to use the Conway family turmoil and a child’s emotional trauma as a narrative for Claudia’s audition / p>

“If the show is concerned that Claudia has lost what happened so far in her youth, the way to fix it would not be for her to spend a small portion of her teenage years making her persona for millions on TV to practice If she wanted to find out who Claudia is, maybe she could do it elsewhere and then for age 21 Return season “, writes the Variety film critic Daniel D’Addario in a column” What ABC has done here is wrong and should be carefully considered by producers and executives “

Across the internet, users had similar reactions by likening the episode to exploitation and giving Kellyanne the opportunity to rehabilitate her image.We have summarized some of the answers below:

Do you know how we treated Britney and countless other young women with media in the 90s? And we have relived terrible interviews, sick in the stomach?

Now, remember that Claudia Conway is currently 16 years old and think before you comment on her

American Idol is gross for allowing an abusive creature like Kellyanne Conway to rehabilitate her image on the show and use Claudia Conway’s pain to make money quick

I would say my favorite part of the Claudia Conway American Idol saga is how they tried to humanize the woman who served as the shameless, lying mouthpiece for 4 years for a despot who started a riot just weeks ago, who murdered the VP & Speaker of the House

It feels like ABC is exploiting Claudia Conway, doesn’t it? Just like several journalists for a child in crisis

I wanted to be excited to have Claudia Conway on American Idol, but seeing the show use their abusive family dynamics to get the show noticed is just a picture on Twittercom / l0it9CXE8F

Remember when I said that Claudia Conway Meade’s abuse allegations against her mother Kellyanne Conway sparked an investigation into the possible removal of & if they were black? Now you are on a reality show https: // tco / vbZF67SiUL

Claudia Conway on American Idol is Really Disgusting Hope we also start paying more attention to the advertising and perception-based exploitation of famous child influencers Danielle Cohn (46M on Insta) modeled Fashion Nova Bikinis at the age of 12

I can’t put into words why, but something about Claudia Conway on American Idol, fresh from a publicized family drama and nervous breakdown, feels viscerally wrong to me My body physically rejects the entire premise

TV Show To Catch a Predator Used Grave Crime Against Children For Profit / Ratings @AmericanIdol uses Claudia Conway in a similar matter from @KellyannePolls @ gtconway3d involved in serious events in our country Use this recognition now to show a daughter on TV to have? False

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Claudia Conway audition

World News – USA – American Idol faces a backlash to Claudia Conway’s audition

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