For our March cover story about Maya Rudolph, EW reached out to some of the people she knew best Here, three famous friends talk about airplane toilets, tennis in Hawaii, and SNL emergencies

NATASHA LYONNE (friend and production partner, Animal Pictures): How did we get to know each other? It’s funny because all this time is blurry to me, but the good news is Maya remembers, so I took it at my word. Like an uneventful rashomon, a very peaceful rashomon [laughs] I remember other events me remember Maya and me on a trip to Hawaii I looked like Hunter S in all of the pictures Thompson in the middle of a full-face bend, and Maya was that lanky waif running around the ocean right now, and tennis was involved

I don’t even know what it is about her. It was just – “This is my person. We will be friends forever.” Her entire system is designed to be a vehicle of joy. And she has such musicality as would she be Mozart or something. For some reason I see her and Fred [Armisen] more and more as musicians, as rock stars than even as comedians

But she also really is the person your best friend at an overnight party who pulls her pants over her boobs to look like a sucker and make all the girls crack in their sleeping bags.She is just so pure like a human that she could maintain that into adulthood

[With animal pictures] The only thing that really matters to us is doing great s – that people have never seen before – and really using the company to A hang out with each other and B rise up new Voices I think we feel like the old muppets on the balcony commenting on things And we like the idea of ​​watching the kids sing their song

But anyway, I pay EW a compliment. A very worthy cover story! Compliments to the chef, okay? Well done [laughs]

AMY POEHLER (girlfriend and former castmate, SNL, Sisters, Wine Country): First and foremost, so many strengths Such a musical genius Also such a comedic genius A real feeling of play and fearlessness SNL is like a comedy emergency room and you really need people who don’t panic and people really want to watch people who feel like they have that sense of calm I know this sounds obvious but it’s hard – it takes many years on this show to get to either you have it or you don’t and that is what is so great when you see Maya, especially live you never worry about her

This is a little reductive, but it’s true. There are two types of people, people who either go on bail or look at you with really big eyes, like “Holy s —!” And they laugh with you In so many cases, whether something goes wrong on live TV or is on set with something that isn’t working, I reach out to Maya and she’s enjoying it the right way and that’s because she has a really great mother energy – she is a really cute motherly person

And mothers kind of know that everyone looks at you when it all falls apart I told this story on Seth Meyers, but it’s a short story: When we were flying to do our wine country trip on which our film was based, I had a moment when I thought my cell phone was in my back pocket and I thought it had fallen into the airplane toilet And all the reactions were so funny Mine was of course anger at myself and that I didn’t want to talk about it And Maya meant : “Let’s just go in there! Let’s put on some gloves, let’s find the phone!” It was very much like what a mother would do, which is, “There is no other place but there.” And that was a good example for Maya in crisis

KRISTEN WIIG (girlfriend and ex-castmate, SNL and bridesmaids): When I saw Maya at SNL and before that, I loved her – her sense of humor, her silliness, her ability to create this well I really saw her as a performer and, above all, as a person I was so excited when she came back and we had to be at SNL together and we became quick friends

I really believe that when you see them perform, you can feel a lot about a person, what kind of person they are I think what makes them so loved is that people see that light in you is this amazing person, she is supportive and cooperative and just a good person i think people can feel that and i also believe that people want to see performers have fun, are silly and love what they do this is maya p>

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