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The 2020 NFL regular season has come to an end and we’ve settled the first 18 picks of the 2021 NFL draft contract, time for another draft!

The 2020 NFL regular season is officially a close with the playoffs starting this coming weekend, but in the meantime we know part of the order for the 2021 NFL Draft! The 18 teams that failed the playoffs are final and the remaining 14 spots will be filled for the next month if the teams are eliminated

The Jaguars secured first choice in the 2021 NFL Draft as the Jets took two wins towards the end of the season.The prize for Jacksonville is expected to be Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence while Justin Fields in the semifinals of the college football playoffs against Clemson impressed, convincing the Jaguars to pass Lawrence on will probably not be enough. At the same time, if Fields impresses in the national title game next week, the excitement will only increase

The draft could have Sam Darnold at No. 2 The Jets, but they might decide it’s time to move on.They fired Adam Gase and a new head coach might want a jump in his own quarterback – especially if the Jets are offensive hire thinking head coach The Jets could trade Darnold and pick a quarterback, they could stand and draw someone like Penei Sewell as the offensive tackle, or they could go back and do something else with a ton of picks

We’ve put together our second draft of the year and made a notable change from the first version Fields got the push over BYU quarterback Zach Wilson Here’s how we see the first 18 picks a day after the 2020 regular season ended

The Safest No. Overall, since Andrew Luck, Lawrence can literally do anything you want from a 21st quarterback quarterback He’s precise, mobile, can do all the throws, and is built like a barn. There’s no downside here other than that your significant other may pass out over their flawless hair for the next 15 years

We had Fields a little on the board for questions about his performance against Indiana and in the Big Ten Championship Game during the shortened 2020 season, these fall by the wayside after his incredible game against Clemson in the Sugar Bowl.The raw tools are certainly for the Transfer to Georgia da. He has a rocket arm and tremendous agility and athleticism that can use defenses, but his ability to spot cover is the problem. Most of the time, when he makes mistakes, they’re big

Don’t overthink it, get Tua the best receiver available Going with Ja’Maar Chase is okay too, but if you’re looking to get better in a rush (and the playoff-esque Dolphins), Smith is closer to the game His ability to take the top off also goes well with Tua’s abilities, which will force teams to respect the running game and throw bombs out of the game

The “Mormon Manziel” could be a smaller but faster Baker Mayfield, and the question will be can he knock out a 15-yard at the NFL level. He’s listed at 6’3, but the Combine will Tell us for sure He is absolutely elusive and can play to both his left and right if the bag breaks and his ability to improvise is a strength But does he have enough raw tools to make it into the top 5?

The only thing he did to see from # 2 through # 4 last week was Fields in the Sugar Bowl

They get someone to protect Burrow, which should take precedence after his gruesome injury. Sewell is 6’6, 330 and runs like he’s on the Ducks track team. He was the first sophomore to win the Outland Trophy He’s a freak by nature and definitely a great kid who shouldn’t give you any trouble in the locker room because of his talent alone, he’s probably the best player in the draft, but you tell the Jags to have a tackle instead of a quarterback make

He’s retired from the 2020 season but the Hokie is still the most talented option in that position.It’s only a matter of time it will take him to be ready to play again in 2021 but Farley can do anything You need, from a shut-off corner, he has cover skills and can stay in man or zone schemes step by step with X and Z

He’s 1 and 1A with DeVonta Smith, and a lot of draft niks like Chase are more into raw skills. Eliminated from the 2020 season and for good reason considering what happened to LSU this year but his 2019 national championship season has shown that he can tackle any route and is not afraid to go over the middle as a Y or slot.He is also a nightmare for any DB coverage as he tunes in to the ball in the air, as well as for anyone on the planet who is not Odell Beckham

Do you remember when Carson Wentz was good? He showed that a QB can come from FCS and Fargo and be effective immediately in the NFL. Lance only played one game in 2020 and looked pretty mediocre according to stats.But Lance has all the tools and was the most outstanding player in at 6’4, 226 the FCS playoffs, which won another national championship for the bison

2021 has a lot of teams that need a quarterback but not a lot of talent on the board lance at No. 8 seems like a range

He’s not a quick-twitch guy, but if you need someone who can physically cover wide receivers on go routes, he’s your choice. At 6’2, 200 he’s physical enough to jam and has excellent ball skills If you can start 12 games in Alabama as a total newbie, you are probably worth a top 10 picks in that regard alone.A high quality Rose Bowl won’t hurt either

The Double-J could use a local kid, and Comsi is 6’7, 309 years old and growing up by age 21, doing whatever it takes to protect a quarterback and open holes for your receding superstar , and could most likely start from day one Trivia: Hailing from Humble, Texas with a degree in human dimensions from Organizations Hook Them Up!

Certainly the third best receiver in a class to potentially load Waddle is more of a slot type than an external type, but when he gets behind you it’s six points The precision of his routes and the ability to get through cuts to separate, make him so dangerous

Horn is the best player with a bad defense He’s 6’1, 205 and is playing physically enough to jam down to the next level, it will be interesting to see what he can do without the limitations of Will Muschamp and the limited talent around him

You need guards who can both pull and pass at that triangle point, and Davis may do that for a team that wants not only to protect their aspiring quarterback in Justin Herbert, but also to get exercise while the game is in progress, this could be the best Be an option

The volunteers had an excellent offensive line in 2020, and it’s a shame the rest of the team haven’t been anywhere near their production levels, Smith’s 6’6, 325 and is considered a long-term security guard with the ability to pin holes in the running game open The knock is his speed in pass protection, but that can certainly still be developed

You might not get him in that position, but Jones passes all of the Belichick tests for what you want a quarterback to be big arm, not necessarily very mobile, makes the right decision, and has all of the intangible leadership skills you could as well do this patriot thing and be able to trade back and get it anyway

Has had his ups and downs at the NCAA and signing out this season, but he’s a total stallion, only had 36 catches for 472 yards this season and is much more of a complete receiver than just a speed guy

Rousseau has retired from the 2020 season but anchored a very good canes defense from 2019 and completed with 155 sacks and 195 TFLs He has this insane track and field in South Florida and can win either outside or in the game

Less glamorous than some other picks, but he can protect Tua Tagovailoa At 6’4, 315 he comes from a school with a long tradition of producing great orienteering talents

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World News – USA – Another 2021 NFL Mock Draft dominated by the quarterback position

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