At her second confirmation hearing on Wednesday, President Biden’s controversial Bureau of Administration and Household nominee Neera Tanden apologized again for her story of targeted social media attacks and questions about donations worth millions large corporations to the Center for American Progress, the progressive think tank that she has led for nearly a decade

Neera Tanden, President Joe Biden’s candidate for Director of Administration and Budget [] (OMB), says during a Senate committee hearing on budget negotiation on Capitol Hill Jan. February 2021 in Washington, DC from

Tanden has notoriously argued with Republicans and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt), chairman of the Senate Budgets Committee, and his supporters on Twitter, particularly during the 2016 election season when Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary

Sanders alluded to these comments Wednesday, saying they were addressed to “people I’ve worked with” and “me personally” before asking Tanden to limit their future criticism to political issues >

Sanders also said he was “concerned” about the amount of corporate donations CAP received, including at least $ 33 million from financial sector companies like Blackstone and Bain Capital between 2014 and 2019, the Washington Post reported in December

The corporate donation issue also emerged during Tanden’s previous hearing before another Senate committee on Tuesday

When asked by Sanders whether her relationship with powerful donors would affect her decision-making if it is confirmed that she heads the OMB, Tanden replied that it would “have no effect,” adding that ” it will be my job to make sure that it is me only in the interests of the American people ”

During Wednesday’s hearing, Tanden also pledged her support for a variety of progressive initiatives, including a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour, lowering prescription drug prices, lowering the Medicare Eligibility Age, and guaranteed 12 weeks of paid family vacation or a free medical vacation tuition for public colleges for eligible students and universal pre-K

Tanden was previously President and CEO of the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank.She also served as a political advisor in the administration of President Bill Clinton and as an advisor to Hillary Clinton during her presidential nomination.She was an outspoken critic of the Republican Party in the United States social media, and that story, along with its partisan activism, has led the GOP to oppose its nomination. During her hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on Tuesday, Tanden apologized for these remarks and promised to work “aggressively” to fix fences with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, including those she had previously criticized like Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark), Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Sen Mitch McConnell (R-Ky)

“Social media leads to too much personal comment,” Tanden said on Wednesday, “and my approach [at OMB] would be radically different”

“I’ve known her for a while, lovely person, but [she isn’t] the unit choice I’ve been looking for,” Sen said Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said von Tanden on Wednesday “At a time of unity, we are looking for someone who throws sharp elbows and that will have consequences,” he added

The OMB will play a vital role in the White House’s response to the coronavirus crisis, especially now as Democrats plan to pass Biden’s whopping $ 1 trillion stimulus plan through special budget voting rules Strong Republican Objections During her testimony on Tuesday, Tanden pledged to “ensure that OMB uses every tool at its disposal” to provide aid to the warring Americans

Tanden’s nomination must be approved by both the Senate Budgets Committee and the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee before the entire Senate can vote on it.Your confirmation only requires a simple majority of the vote, which means the Democrats have it over can confirm the objections of the Republicans if the whole caucus votes together

I am a breaking news reporter for Forbes focusing on economic policy and capital markets. I completed my Masters in Economic and Economic Reporting in New York

I am a topical news reporter for Forbes focused on economic policy and capital markets I graduated from New York University with a Masters in Economic and Economic Reporting Before becoming a journalist, I worked as a paralegal specializing in corporate compliance

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