The Irwin Clan has some exciting news with its legion of fans about the late Patriarch of the family, Steve Irwins 58 Birthday, shared

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On Twitter, Bindi posted a video message showing that the Irwin have restarted their YouTube channel at the Australia Zoo to match Steve’s date of birth

“Exciting news! We are launching our revamped YouTube channel! “Bindi recorded the video with the wildlife warrior, husband Chandler, mother Terri, and brother Robert

Bindi (pictured) announced that the Irwins have restarted their YouTube channel at Australia Zoo to match Steve’s date of birth

“Be part of our family every week with new videos every week plus Croc Hunter adventures and conservation missions with the Wildlife Warriors team on the front lines,” she added

In the video, Mother Terri also reveals that fans can expect to see exclusive content from the Irwins “like never before,” with behind-the-scenes adventures, home videos and great Crocodile Hunter footage

Enthusiastic fans were quick to comment on the news, and one person wrote, “Congratulations on everything you do a great job.”

The Irwin Clan and their legion of fans have some exciting news about the 58th Shared birthday of the family’s late Patriarch Steve Irwins (pictured)

Another person said, “Oh, I just LOVE that you guys do this! It is so sweet!!!! Thank you for this look behind the scenes of your life !!!!! ”

In first-sight footage, Bindi also said, “We’re taking you on our conservation missions, introducing you to our wildlife family at the Australia Zoo and showing the work of our wildlife warriors””

Brother Robert added, “Get ready for any wild, emotional, and fun adventure we face. There’s always something going on and we are very excited to share our life with our Wildlife Warrior family – it will be so funny, damn it! “

In the video, mother Terri (right) shows that fans can expect to see exclusive content from the Irwins “like never before”

After a fan of the avid photographer posted a video about Robert on TikTok, the clip quickly went viral as more and more of Rob’s fans came out of the woods

In the sketch, a fan named Miranda shows the camera an engagement ring. The headline reads: “If my friend suggests to me at the Australia Zoo”

The clip then skips to a photo of Rob Irwin, meaning the girl just saw the wildlife warrior in the middle of the proposal

Miranda then turns to her imaginary partner, who is believed to be on one knee, and says, “Get up now, get up!”

Currently, the funny video has had over 1 million views and still has nearly three thousand comments, most of which all profess their love for Rob

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The exciting family news comes after Robert (pictured) was apparently named the most popular Irwin member

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