ALBANY, NY – The snowstorm that covered the northeast produced record or near record snowfalls in parts of New York State and prompted Gov Andrew M Cuomo declared a state of emergency in 18 counties outside of New York City and its immediate suburbs on Thursday

The snow was particularly heavy in the southern Tier area of ​​the state The region’s largest city, Binghamton, reached 41 inches, the National Weather Service said, with the heaviest snow falling in Binghamton at a rate of more than ten centimeters per hour, forecasters said

Officials in the city and Broome County, where Binghamton is based, urged residents to stay clear of the roads to allow plowing

Earlier Thursday, Broome County’s executive director Jason Garnar said the county was using all available four-wheeled vehicles to get hospital and nursing home workers to their jobs as the region continues to experience an increase in coronavirus cases is facing month

In one case, Broome County Sheriff’s MPs used a Humvee to rush a sick patient to hospital after ambulances and snowmobiles were unable to reach a remote area Parking lots at some hospitals and medical centers were also available inaccessible, resulting in additional complications

Some smaller towns and villages had not yet managed to get drivers into their snow plows

The region’s main north-south freeway, Interstate 81, was “basically a parking lot,” Garnar said Thursday morning after disabled vehicles confused traffic There have been widespread reports of cars getting off the road elsewhere discharge

Richard C David, the Mayor of Binghamton, said more than two dozen plows were working to clear the city’s streets on Thursday, but that several had collapsed or got stuck in the snow

Most of the shops were closed and the snow removal teams planned to work through the night digging the town

Initially, there were no reports of damage caused directly by the storm, the mayor told local TV station WBNG, but later Thursday reported that the 125th century inflatable dome had been damaged000 square foot Greater Binghamton Sports Complex had collapsed under the weight of the accumulated snow No injuries were reported

Mr David said residents of the area, a largely rural strip along the northern Pennsylvania border, were surprised by the intensity of the storm after initial predictions of eight to 18 inches of snow were predicted
Instead, the snowfall was “more than double what we expected,” he said, making it difficult for the plows to keep up

The mayor said he woke up at 2:30 p.m. Thursday and was stunned to see what he described as whiteout terms

The small rural town of Newark Valley, northwest of Binghamton, appeared to have been hit even harder and, according to Mr. Cuomo

In Albany, the state capital, nearly 23 inches fell at the airport on Thursday afternoon. The city’s mayor, Kathy Sheehan, declared a state of emergency and closed civil buildings

Binghamton, N.Y

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