Brayden Smith, who was presented in Special Peril just last month! Video tribute to the late Alex Trebek, died unexpectedly on February 5 in Las Vegas He was 24 years old

His death was announced today by his mother, Debbie Smith. No cause of death was disclosed

“We are heartbroken to announce that our dear Brayden Smith recently passed away unexpectedly,” wrote Debbie Smith on Twitter. “We are so grateful that Brayden made his dream come true on @jeopardy”

The show expressed condolences in a tweet: “The Jeopardy! The tragic loss of Brayden Smith breaks the family’s heart He was kind, funny and absolutely brilliant. Our deepest condolences go to Brayden’s family. He will be missed ”

Smith’s winning streak in five games in which he was more than 115Won, was recorded in October, but aired in December. Trebek, who had referred to the fast-moving Smith as “Billy Buzzsaw,” died on November 8

“Brayden has achieved a lifelong dream as a five-time champion of the popular Jeopardy! TV game show, “wrote his family’s obituaries,” His appearances were among the last to be hosted by Alex Trebek, and Brayden was hailed on social media as “Alex’s last great champion” “He was looking forward to the show’s Tournament of Champions to participate ”

A 2020 graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in economics, Smith had plans to attend law school and become an attorney for the federal government, most recently an intern at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC.where he examined criminal justice reform issues

“He could explain the symbolism in Citizen Kane one moment and the comedic timing in Dumb and Dumber the next,” says his obituary. “He played the saxophone and enjoyed listening to various pieces of music by Duke Ellington, Chet Baker and Miles Davis to the Beach Boys, Steely Dan and Toto. He was an avid sports fan and cheered the Detroit Tigers and Vegas Golden Knights “


In the recorded danger! Tribute to Trebek – see below – Smith said his favorite part about being a candidate is spending time with Trebek “Answering the questions and answers is almost irrelevant to spending time with someone I think I’ve loved for so long in my life. For the past few months, I’ve been thinking back to it all the time and enjoying every moment I have to have with him, even outside, answering the questions ”

Smith is survived by parents Scott and Deborah Smith, brothers Bryce, Brock and Brody, among others

Brayden Smith

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