A prosecutor said the musician’s blood alcohol level was well below the legal limit.Mr Springsteen pleaded guilty to drinking in an area where it was prohibited and fined $ 540

Prosecutors dismissed the two most serious criminal charges filed against rock icon Bruce Springsteen last year drunk driving and reckless driving â ???? during a brief federal court hearing on Wednesday in New Jersey

Mr 71-year-old Springsteen pleaded guilty to the least serious of the three charges he faced and drank alcohol in an area where it was prohibited and was fined $ 540

“Two little shots of tequila” Mr. Springsteen said his attorney Mitchell Ansell guided him through his guilty plea during the hearing, which was conducted using a videoconferencing app

â ???? Mr. Springsteen, I have to ask you how long you have to pay the fine said the US. District Court Judge Anthony R Mautone

In dismissing the charges, prosecutors found that Mr. Springsteen’s blood alcohol level was 002 percent, well below New Jersey’s 008 percent legal limit

“The defendant would be considered presumably unaffected,” Assistant US. Attorney Adam Baker said during the 22-minute hearing

The National Park Service ranger, Mr. Springsteen had said in an affidavit that the singer-songwriter turned down an initial breath test after being stopped on his motorcycle in November 14 near the Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey

“This test is not required by law,” Mr. Baker added, “He took the legally required breath test when he was at the ranger station”â ????

Judge Mautone went further and found that even if Mr. Springsteen had consented to the first test, it would not have been legal to admit the results as evidence

Mr Springsteen, one of the most famous popular musicians of his generation with 20 Grammy Awards, was arrested after the ranger saw him drink a shot of Patron Tequila in a national park on Jersey’s north coast, Gateway National Recreation Area a fact that Mr. Springsteen admitted during the hearing to

It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, and Mr. Springsteen, riding his Triumph motorcycle, had stopped to speak to fans near the lighthouse in the park, a favorite spot that was the setting for one of his album covers, a music video, and a short film

The officer wrote in a likely cause report that the musician “smelled strongly of alcohol” and swayed visibly back and forthâ ????

Prior to the government dismissing the charges, Mr. Springsteen pleaded guilty, through his attorney, of being drunk and inconsiderate in driving Both are fined up to 5Fined $ 000 and six months in prison

Mr Springsteen appeared on video about 10 minutes before the hearing began and was seated next to Mr. Ansell The musician, known worldwide as the Boss, who most often wears sport jeans and cowboy boots, wore a dark suit jacket and a blue Oxford-style button-down shirt

There were some light jokes when court officials admitted members of the public to the virtual hearing

Mr Springsteen smiled when Judge Mautone asked in the arrest papers for a California address that the parties agreed upon with the registration of Mr. Springsteen’s motorcycle Mr. Springsteen, a distinguished son from New Jersey, grew up in Freehold and lives with his family in Colts Neck, about 20 miles from his arrest

Seven minutes before the hearing began, there were 126 viewers on the video call. Judge Mautone made it clear that public access to the trial was at 1100 o’clock immediately closed

The Asbury Park Press, named for the Jersey Shore town that is both a muse and a melting pot for Mr. Springsteen’s early music provided live updates

Producer of a podcast “New Jersey Is The World” released a special episode devoted to the ultimate outrage: the boss’s arrest on his home lawn

“You are not arresting the Pope in the Vatican” The host, Chris Gethard, said, “You are not arresting the boss at the Jersey Shore” ????

Still, the hearing itself was a solid, if somewhat surreal, event.All federal courts in New Jersey have been closed since the pandemic started in March, and judges have videoconferenced all hearings

The Park Service has Mr. Springsteens DW.I arrest, an omission condemned by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a national advocacy group

Details of the charges were instead provided days after Mr. Springsteen appeared in a Jeep ad during the Super Bowl. It was his first commercial ever, and in one of Super Bowl LV’s most watched ads, he was shown driving a white Jeep next to snow-covered fields

Jeep who had lobbied for years to get Mr. Springsteen, who was slated to appear in a commercial, pulled the ad off its social media sites hours after its arrest became known, suggesting in a statement that the company had not been made aware of the pending criminal case

On Wednesday afternoon, Jeep announced that the ad? a poetic pitch for national unity? would go up again

“As mentioned earlier, we paused the commercial until the facts were known”A spokeswoman, Diane Morgan, said in a statement,” Now that the matter is resolved, let’s pause the film – “

The dismissal of the charges follows the same week Springsteen released a new podcast, “Renegades: Born In The US” with former President Barack Obama

Dan Fierman, the head of Higher Ground Audio, a company that produced the podcast and is owned by Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, have said news of the arrest did not affect the content of the podcast or its publication

The charges that Mr. Springsteen pleaded guilty to â ???? Do you drink alcohol in a closed room? is a bit of a sore topic in New Jersey Until April 2019, Sandy Hook was the only public beach in New Jersey that allowed drinking, which Judge Mautone alluded to during the hearing (Sandy Hook also has the state’s only public nude beach )

The National Park Service made drinking illegal in the park, which is about an hour’s drive from Manhattan, two years ago after a spate of alcohol-related incidents

In a statement released after the hearing, Mr. Ansell noted that the musician had no previous convictionsâ ????

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