And on 12 On the 2nd day the hockey gods gave us the perfect ending to the IIHF World Junior Championship 2021 – Canada versus the United States with a gold medal on the line It didn’t disappoint

When Canada came into play, a win was planned. After all, the team had only allowed four goals in six games and had to accept two consecutive failures. But when the last buzzer sounded, it was the Americans with a 2-0 win instead / p>

MVP Trevor Zegras played a key role with a goal and support in kickoff from Alex Turcotte The Ducks prospect confirmed what he said ahead of the game with NHL Network’s Jill Savage

“I honestly don’t think this goalkeeper has been tested 5v5,” he told Canada’s netminder Devon Levi, who had only given up three powerplay goals during the entire tournament

Savage asked, “What will the difference be? What will give you the little benefit of taking this?”

“I honestly believe that (Canada’s) has not yet been tested with a real team and I think we’re going on all cylinders right now,” Zegras replied matter-of-factly, “I think we’ll surprise them”

In the first phase, Zegras sent the puck to Drew Helleson at this point, the defender then put it in the net and Turcotte steered it home.The goal was the Canadians’ first 5v5 game during the entire tournament admitted – and the first time they failed, then, just 32 seconds into the second half, it was the 2019 Ducks first-round player who scored after the puck hit the outside of the net and Levi got into the wrong Had leaned towards

“That was by far the biggest goal I’ve ever scored in my life,” said Turcotte, one of eight players to return from last year’s squad that lost in the quarter-finals. “It was an incredible feeling It was is a dream come true and winning a gold medal among the world’s juniors is all I hoped for “

Zegras’ two points gave him 18 (seven goals, 11 assists) and the title of the tournament; He entered the final game with Canada’s Dylan Cozens, the assistant also linked him with Jordan Schroeder for the most U.S. career assists in junior history (20) and after scoring with Schroeder in points (27)

“I loved it. It was honest. There’s nothing wrong with being honest,” said US head coach Nate Leaman, referring to the NHL Network interview that Zegras Trevor was the MVP in the tournament he competed against every team We played against He scored points against every team

Since the Americans lost the Lid-Lifter to Russia on Christmas Day 5-3, they have finished the tournament with six wins in a row and only five goals. Spencer Knight, who gave up four goals against Russia in 12 shots, never looked back Tuesday’s 34-save shutout was the third goose egg he set in the 2021 edition, setting a U.S. hockey record for the most shutouts in a junior career, and the gold medal game was also the first shutout of one American teams in a medal round

With the win, the US. has now won four out of five games with Canada in the gold medal game (Canada won the first) It’s a disappointing ending for this Canadian crew who dominated the first six games The group had their chances to score But either Knight stopped, the Americans blocked the attempt, the shot sailed far or, like Bowen Byram in the middle frame, the puck hit the whistle Canada was looking for consecutive titles for the first time since winning five consecutive titles from 2005 to 2009 This run was also the last time a country won two consecutive championships

“We lost the gold medal game, we feel awful It sucks,” said Cozens, who finished with 16 points

“Even though we didn’t win the gold medal, we lost the last game, we’re still a damn good ice hockey team and we had a great tournament,” remarked Bowen Byram. “Sometimes things just don’t go your way, I don’t think so that this game takes something away from our group. We are definitely proud of each and every one of our boys. It’s just definitely hard to swallow “

Both teams have been through a lot: bubbles and quarantine zoom calls, daily COVID-19 tests and boring meals.Both teams talked about how close their team has become Both teams had the price in their sights

In the end it was the US. that has proven successful in closing things up in Edmonton you will go home golden

11:50 pm – Thirty seconds and the Americans hold the puck on the boards behind the net

11:48 pm – Point Shot and Spencer Knight do full splits for the stop Both saves with an empty network

11:47 pm – Wow, what a stop by Knight with a direct shot from the slot

11:46 pm – Connor McMichael breaks in, makes a quick pull and Spencer Knight makes the stop McMichael slams the stick into the glass

11:44 pm – Five minutes left Canada beat the Americans 8: 1 during this period, but were two points behind

11:42 pm – Another fight on the net where Knight just lies on his back to keep the puck out Canada comes oh so close

11:40 pm – Seven minutes to go It doesn’t feel like the Americans have much time on offensive zones during this time Canada has some chances but can’t find the back of the net

11:39 pm – Impressive Mad Scramble and somehow the puck isn’t going to Canada You don’t seem to have much puck luck tonight

11:35 pm – Ten minutes to go Canada lost 2-0 and had five shots in the last frame. The US have one, but they are two goals ahead

11:35 pm – Canada is trying to get something going, but Bobby Brink lays the body back on the line with some big blocks

11:28 pm – Canada gets some offensive zone time but Knight is there and the Americans are blocking some, including a big one from Bobby Brink for a Kaiden Guhle point shot

11:19 pm – Third period in progress Canada won gold in 2020 after falling 3-1 in the third. Will they make a comeback again in 2021?

11:01 pm – The period comes to an end Canada with 19 shots now through two but still goalless

10:58 pm – Spencer Knight is on point tonight and Canadians are frustrated when Connor Zary slams the stick on the bench

10:52 pm – Canada on right but Spencer Knight saves again. Americans weather the storm as Canada gains momentum

10:50 pm – Canada is now trying to build something 5v5 while floating around the net but can’t score

10:44 pm – USA tries to break 2-on-1 but Jakob Pelletier hooks the Kaliyev to slow him down and is called on to the hook First power game for the Americans and they have the best in the tournament

10:31 pm – TOR Seconds later Levi loses track of the puck when he hits the back bar when he walks behind the net and jumps out to Trevor Zegras, who puts him in. USA leads 2-0

10:06 pm – Bobby Brink receives an offensive zone penalty Canada will have a chance to tie but the power play hasn’t been great Canada has only one power play goal in their last three games

10:01 pm – Canada’s top line is pinned to the American top line at its own end

9:58 pm – The United States Goal is the first uniform strength goal Canada has allowed throughout the tournament.It is also the first time the Canadians have been lagging behind in the tournament

9:57 pm – TOR After long and sustained pressure in the offensive zone, it’s Alex Turcott with a great forward from Drew Helleson USA leading 1-0

9:53 pm – Americans now have zone pressure Ends with the climax of Cam York struck by Levi’s glove

9:50 pm – Good defense by the United States as Dylan Cozens flies down the left flank Then another good defensive game from the Americans in the high slot shots at the moment are 5-2 in favor of Canada

9:47 pm – Right now the team in Canada is very different as they don’t get much into the middle US head coach Nate Leaman loves to keep the shots on the edge and so far the majority have been out

9:42 pm – USA with a little pressure, but Sanderson with sales to end it

9:41 pm – Canada is buzzing around in the US net, but nothing works – even if Spencer Knight has lost his stick

9pm – Trevor Zegras on the NHL network: “I honestly don’t think this goalkeeper has been tested 5v5” Then I added: I honestly don’t believe they have been tested with a real team yet , and I think we’re driving on all cylinders right now “

Captain Kirby with a warm message to the team before today’s big game #InThisTogether always immer @ kdach77 | #WorldJuniors BildTwittercom / IhNTcbDzVt

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