The rapper channels a killer ice cube line that became popular on her old show Love & Hip Hop, swapping the raw sexuality of’ WAP ‘for straight-up Braggadocio

After Cardi B was named “Woman of the Year 2020” by Billboard Magazine, in part due to the astronomical success of her comeback virus smash “WAP” (which also topped NME’s 2020 best songs list ), if that’s not the case, waste our time on the new song, ‘Up’, its happy Mediterranean beat is an instant rump-shaker that sees the rapper dance a storm in her dazzling new video directed by WAP’s Tanu Muino Alone or with the colorful music video “Up” would be a stonker in the club if they were open

From the opening line (“Once upon a time, man / I heard I was ugly”) we know that the self-described “emotional gangster” we loved on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop After interpolating that classic Ice Cube line (from his 1990s classic “Once Upon a Time in the Projects”) popularized by her former castmate Mariahlynn, the sloppy Braggadocio she emerges over the course of is finally back who pushed years to one side, over and over again on her old rapid fire flow reminiscent of her gritty track ‘Red Barz’ from 2017, goes surprisingly well with ‘Ups simple hip-hop beat and proves that she still has lots of fresh bars in her after three years, Pop’s favorite rapper In a genre that runs from melody to lyric poetry, Cardi’s lyric poetry contrasts with many of her peers

In the world-dominating “WAP” starring Megan Thee Stallion, the most popular hot girl of all time, the duo have been criticized for their explicit sexuality to this day. Here Cardi takes a step back because she is so open to her sex life Instead, the Bronx star tells everyone, “When the time comes, it’ll be stuck,” claiming her dominance over her rivals with a classic slang for street beef “Stuck” means that the feud is not going anywhere. Funny one-liners like “If I had a cock, you would probably lick it like a lollipop / Hoes speak Cap-Enese, hit her with karate chop”, “Up” shows this typical Cardi B-humor as fans love

“Up” is updated to “WAP” As Cardi B moves away from the usual high-sample production and focuses more on lyric poetry, this track makes us want to tackle everything 2021 has for us directly, like the main character of our own action movie We See Repeatedly Now How Women in Rap finally adopting the nonchalant tone of the genre in greater numbers than before, setting the bar high for their peers and showing a generation of women how they cannot apologize, Cardi B has created a new power anthem with this

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