CBS All Access had some problems during Super Bowl Sunday 2021, just as the streaming service was advocating the renaming to Paramount Plus (Photo: Screengrab / Paramount Plus / YouTube)

A temporary bug in the CBS All Access app that meant a delay in watching the 2021 Super Bowl on Sunday for some viewers came at a bad time for both sports fans and the upcoming CBS All Access streaming service Renamed to Paramount Plus, as several sources reported on Sunday, some users of the CBS All Access app who wanted to watch the Super Bowl 55 prelude instead received a message that there were technical difficulties while they waited to take the action track

On Sunday the Down Detector website saw a huge surge in reports from users who couldn’t get the CBS All Access app to work. Typical comment: “CBS All Access, not ready for prime time Not the first time, that an NFL game was screwed up But the Super Bowl? Come on. And yeah, I’m paying for the service, just for the NFL games ”

AdAge reported after receiving an initial error message at startup: “The problem has been fixed for most viewers, but the glitch showed that the Internet is not always the most reliable medium for big moments”

Missed start thanks to @ CBS All Access app that was shut down shortly before 🏈 #SuperBowl

While some viewers complained that CBS All Access had a crash, the AdAge report states, “One person who was aware of the technical difficulties stated that CBS All Access did not crash It was a Problem for people who tried to log into the service during game time. The stream itself was not interfered with ”

Hello Nathan! Sorry for the delay. The reported technical problems with the service have been resolved and you can now return to streaming CBS All Access. If you continue to have problems, please send us a DM We are happy to help! * TD

As Variety reports, the time of the outage came when parent company ViacomCBS tried to promote its streaming service, which was launched on Jan. March will be renamed Paramount Plus

The Variety report notes that while cable cutters can watch the Super Bowl on TV without a cable subscription, “the streaming audience matters to the annual NFL championship, according to Fox Sports, the game averaged last year 34 million digital viewers per minute, up from 21 million the year before ”

Hey @CBS not only does your all-access app suck up deflated soccer balls, the lag time is ridiculous and the picture quality on 4k is TERRIBLE !!!!!! Good God this is the worst!

Paramount Plus is from the 4th March The New Name for CBS All Access No New Subscription Price Announced. The existing cost for CBS All Access is $ 599 a month with ads and $ 9 99 a month without ads. So far, Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek: Picard “,” The Good Fight “and a new version of” The Twilight Zone “are the most famous original series on CBS All Access, as opposed to being broadcast on the CBS network”

Paramount Plus, which will stream episodes of shows from broadcasters like CBS, Comedy Central, BET, MTV, and Nickelodeon, competes in an area that is increasingly crowded with streaming options like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus , HBO Max and Peacock

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