Some of the postponements are because universities are looking at the prospect of students traveling as a coronavirus torrent

In Colorado, Thanksgiving dinner for football players, a ritual since at least the mid-1990s, won’t happen. Ohio State Seniors Will Miss the Tradition of Thanksgiving In Virginia, all players attending a major Thanksgiving gathering must be attend, may be quarantined

College football players across the country are used to playing and practicing through Thanksgiving, but like anything else this season, the coronavirus pandemic is forcing some teams to make big and small changes to their elaborate routines. p>
Officials warn this holiday that a potentially deadly combination of widespread travel and large indoor gatherings will rapidly increase the spread of the virus, as university administrators are making an effort to provide guidance to students

John Thrasher, the president of Florida State University, has asked students not to return to campus when they go on vacation

“Students, if you’re going home for the Thanksgiving break, please stay there until the spring semester starts,” he wrote in a campus-wide email last week. The State of Florida has two weeks in the semester after Thanksgiving – two weeks Thrasher would prefer when the students finish from home

However, his email address does not include Seminoles, the Florida state 2-6 soccer team that postponed the Clemson game last weekend due to viral concerns. They face Virginia on Saturday

“Our team will stay here in Tallahassee and train before the trip on Friday,” Florida state spokesman Robert Wilson said in an email

Practicing during Thanksgiving Week is usually one of college football player’s annoyances, a sacrifice often made in the service of rivalry games each fall, but skipping Thanksgiving this season could save college football , in which more than 90 games have already been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus

The New York Times contacted all of the 65 Power 5 conference football programs – the Atlantic Coast (including Notre Dame this fall), the Big Ten, the Big 12, the Pac-12, and the Southeastern – to ask how They were working Thanksgiving this season The responses were pretty similar among the 47 respondents: They mostly treat this week like any other coronavirus week

The University of Illinois has no classes during Thanksgiving Week, but it’s an otherwise normal week for the Fightinglassung, who will host the fourth-placed Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, players will be tested for the virus between 6 am and 7 am on Thursday practice at 8 a.m. and have a team Thanksgiving dinner at 11 a.m., according to Kent Brown, an associate sports director

“The schedule isn’t much different from previous seasons, although players were able to leave campus to gather for Thanksgiving at a local team member or coaching house for Thanksgiving before reporting on Friday morning,” Brown said. “But in the past, players never had to test for Covid every morning ”

Colorado has had a game every year on the weekend after Thanksgiving since 1996 when the Big 8 became the Big 12.There is traditionally a Thanksgiving dinner for players and staff, but it’s being scrapped this year, said David Plati, associate Athletic Director in Colorado The team skipped all meals this year

“The team didn’t even eat together – everything was to take away, even on a road trip,” said Plati. Active players have not been allowed to go home since the training camp began in October 9

The Buckeyes usually have their last regular season practice on the morning of the vacation.After playing this weekend, at least in a normal year, the only remaining games are the Big Ten championship (provided they qualify, which they have in the last three Playing times each) and at least one bowl game Thanksgiving practice usually ends with senior tackle, when each senior speaks to the team and then hits a blocking sled or tackling dummy one final time

After that, players who live in or near Columbus can bring some teammates home for Thanksgiving, while others have their own families in town or go to a coach’s house

“No one is going to go home for Thanksgiving this year though, and the team will be dining together on Thursday,” wrote Jerry Emig, Associate Athletic Director, in an email. “Senior tackle will not take place until later Illinois ”

Most schools said they didn’t give their players specific instructions for Thanksgiving, relying on the messages they’d been delivering for months on this message, as John Bianco, an assistant sports director in Texas put it: “You are constantly being reminded by our medical team and trainers to always wear a mask, wash hands, stay a safe distance and not be in large crowds”

One of the few schools that gave players Thanksgiving travel guides was Virginia, which updated the travel guidelines that were sent out to all athletes in October, said Jim Daves, an assistant sports director

What if a gamer has a Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel with family members with no social distance? He has to be quarantined. When the gathering is small, with mask and social distancing? No Quarantine Required When a player is home for just one day and social distancing is followed? No quarantine. But what if he somehow finds enough time to go home for more than a day? Quarantine

Travel and family-related hazards have been ubiquitous this season, with shorter game schedules due to fewer or no non-conference games and some leagues starting late in the season, as well as unexpected open weekends after games have been postponed or canceled, the sports departments have the annoyed all season about rest days

“Honestly, it was more of an issue a few weeks ago when we had an open week and the players had several days off,” said Steve Fink, an assistant sporting director in South Carolina

The coronavirus threatens the season until the end, the number of cases is rising nationwide and the virus has already more than 257 in the US000 people killed If health officials’ worst fears are confirmed, those numbers won’t accelerate until December, when players train for the hugely lucrative bowl games, but also have an unusually large amount of free time

“Who knows what will happen to any bowl game events?” said Steve Roe, an assistant sports director in Iowa

Some bowl games have already been canceled Tuesday night, the College Football Playoffs Selection Committee released its first ranking of the season, with the semi-finals slated for January 1, and the national championship game slated for January 11

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