In 2010, Colt McCoy was the last quarterback tasked with ending the Browns’ drawn-out playoff drought As Cleveland approaches a playoff spot in 2020, McCoy will take on his drawing team and into the leaner days remember

Daniel Jones’ injuries put McCoy in the spotlight as the starter for the Giants (5-8) in Sunday Night Football The Browns (9-4) are in the middle of their first winning season since 2007 and close to their first playoff spot since 2002, and they may finally have found a franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield, a 34-year-old McCoy may not be a difficult one Opponent for the Browns on the field, but what he represents is something Cleveland is only just beginning to overcome

The Browns designed Tim Couch # 1 overall in 1999. He was to run a new Cleveland franchise, replacing the version that left for Baltimore after the 1995 season, instead sparking a series of quarterback fights that ended up even threatened to expand beyond Mayfield

Here is the full list of QBs to start since the Couch selection for Cleveland, in chronological order of first start and with the number of starts in parentheses:

McCoy wasn’t exactly supposed to be Cleveland’s savior, but he was next in line.The Browns picked the former Texas 85 star Overall win in the 2010 NFL Draft from Cleveland had moved on from Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, which meant McCoy was potentially the best of a colorful crew that also included Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace
His first start for the Browns came in Week 6 of the 2010 season, a 28-10 loss to the Steelers in which McCoy leveled 281 yards and a touchdown with two interceptions. He won his next two starts, then dropped but five games in a row fall to end the season

McCoy opened the 2011 season as a relatively undisputed starter, but Cleveland had no competitive team for most of the year McCoy threw a career height of 350 yards in week 4 in a 31-13 loss to the Titans, and ended the season at 14 Touchdowns versus 11 interceptions He was 6-15 as a starter for the Browns

“I was grateful for my time with the Browns,” McCoy told reporters at Zoom on Friday. “I wish we could have won more games. There are some great people in this organization. The fans and people in Cleveland are great My wife and I really enjoyed our time there. I just didn’t win enough “

Cleveland decided it had to be better than McCoy for 2012, so 28-year-old Brandon Weeden took 22nd place This year’s draft overall win that didn’t work out any better, and after McCoy appeared in four games in the 2012 season, the Browns traded him for Draft Capital for the 49ers

McCoy’s only opportunity to start after leaving Cleveland was in Washington, where he joined a depth map that included Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins, but Washington entrusted McCoy with a three-year contract extension during his six-year tenure mainly served as trustworthy support

The Giants have signed McCoy for the 2020 season to act as a seasoned mentor for Jones, who is in his sophomore year outside Duke, having finished sixth overall from New York in 2019, Jones has been with this season dealt several injuries, including those that forced McCoy to start against the Seahawks in Week 13 and now again in Week 15
Not only did McCoy start against Seattle, he led the Giants to a 17-12 win. He completed 13 of 22 passes for 105 yards, a touchdown and an interception

Two weeks after that win, McCoy will be playing primetime against the team that drafted him New York is just one game behind first place in Washington at NFC East. It’s really unlikely that McCoy, the Giants and the Browns in 15th Find week 2020 again

But unlike many quarterbacks touring Cleveland, McCoy stayed in the NFL He became a dependable backup, and reliable backups sometimes begin a decade after Cleveland designed McCoy, his recurrence should help Brown’s fans realize how good they are now

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