The singer “The Difference” announces that he then spoke to the mother of the young man and has an unexpected connection with her, her son and one of his own songs

Country singer Tyler Rich ended 2020 with a harrowing experience he won’t soon forget, but he believes it should happen

After “The Difference” singer found a body jogging earlier on New Year’s Eve, he informed his fan that he had spoken to the young man’s mother and shared an unexpected connection over time

“Not the way I planned to finish 2020,” Rich first wrote on Saturday, “My heart breaks for this poor young man”

He added that it would be a picture and a moment that he would never forget

Originally, Rich thought he saw a homeless man sleeping and admitted that at first he just walked past, “After walking around him, I felt bad for him, he slept face down and just looked like that looking like he’s in a bad place, “said Rich.” So I turned and went back to check on him “

It was then that Rich realized that the man was not breathing but appeared to be the victim of a gunshot or blunt force. After finding a couple with a phone, Rich was able to get help for the victim

“This young man looked like maybe 18-25,” suggested Rich. “His skin was still white and didn’t look like it had happened too long before I arrived”

After the authorities found a gun in the man’s possession, they began to theorize that it might be suicide, which was unexpectedly comforting for Rich

“To know for sure that it has not been discarded by someone else and that it was where it wanted to be will at least reassure me a little,” he wrote

The local Hampden DA office confirmed to Western Mass News: “There is no public safety hazard associated with this incident, which does not appear to be of a criminal nature””

At the time of the discovery, Rich wondered if the young man’s family were wondering where he was, but he’s been linked to that family himself ever since. In a later post, Rich shared that he had spoken to the man’s mother and had shared an unexpected and profoundly meaningful series of numbers to him

He noted his average pace at the time he stopped, namely 11:11, and took it as a good omen. After speaking with the man’s mother, he found that the last text she was from received by her son at 11:11 am Rich found him just 45 minutes later

He said that he had come to believe that he was in this “random part of the park” at the exact time that [he] should be to find this young man””

“I really believe his spirit led me down the random side of the mountain to find him,” shared Rich. “You say when you see 11:11 that angels are with you, wishing for something They want to feel good. This is the universe by your side “

Perhaps even more poignant for Rich’s fans, he has a song called “11:11” that deals specifically with loss

“Every time I see these numbers it resonates with me,” he wrote, “This particular series of little events brings some kind of comfort to his family and me”

In his follow-up post, Rich reached out to his own fans and supporters and offered his ear and support to anyone struggling with thoughts of self-harm, “Community is so important Remember to tell people how much you love them and remember to speak to someone when you feel lost and alone because you are not, “he wrote

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or has thought of harming or killing yourself, get help from The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255 ) provides free and confidential support to people in need around the clock

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World News – US country singer Tyler Rich believes he should find a body while jogging on New Years Eve