Birmingham City Council on Tuesday February 9, 2021 approved a license for the Cracker Barrel on Colonnade Parkway (Photo by Greg Garrison / ALcom)

Cracker Barrel is known for its rocking chairs on the porch, but things really get going at the old country store

Cracker Barrels in Alabama offer beer, wine, and mimosa with pancakes, fried chicken, dumplings, and other country dishes

Birmingham City Council on Tuesday approved a license for the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store at 3415 Colonnade Parkway

“It’s very exciting to hear that Cracker Barrel is considering serving Budweiser with these grains,” said Hunter Williams, a member of Birmingham City Council, when the restaurant retail license was unanimously approved

A manager in the Cracker Barrel on the colonnade in US. 280 exit on Interstate 459, said the store would likely start selling alcoholic beverages next week, and the Pelham site is already serving alcohol

Cullman, Dothan, and Gadsden’s Cracker Barrels received their liquor licenses in November, a Tuscaloosa Cracker Barrel was approved, and last week the Cracker Barrel was approved in Decatur. Cracker Barrel in Huntsville plans to serve alcohol from February 17 and the Athens restaurant on 1 March

Last year, Cracker Barrel began alcohol testing at 20 locations in Florida and then expanded the testing to Tennessee and Kentucky

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Cracker Barrel

World News – USA – Cracker Barrel approved for license in Birmingham