Daft Punk, one of the most influential and popular groups for the past 30 years, announced their retirement via a video entitled “Epilog” was released on Monday morning

The duo’s longtime publicist officially confirmed the split from Variety and declined to provide further details

The eight-minute clip shows the duo – Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – who have been hiding their characteristics behind a robot concept for many years, walking through the desert and wearing their famous space helmets and leather jackets. After a few moments, one of them looks The other member puts on the other, takes off his jacket and shows an energy pack on his back The other touches a button on the pack The first member quickly walks away and then explodes

The scene shows a sunrise, or possibly a sunset, while a choral version of the group’s song “Touch” is played

The song is taken from the duo’s 2013 album “Random Access Memories”, which in many ways marked a high point in their careers. The album, which included the global hit single “Get Lucky”, won a Grammy Award the following year awarded as best album

The duo have largely held back since then The most famous work was the collaboration with the Weeknd on two songs from his 2016 album “Starboy”, the title track and “I Feel It Coming” “

Daft Punk

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