An interview with Lindsay Lohan from 2013

During the show, Lohan was grilled about her story by the famous hostess and kept asking her about the time she was in rehab while repeatedly telling him to stop

David Letterman’s old interview with actor Lindsay Lohan is in the spotlight, and not without reason! The old interview started after the Britney Spears documentary in which she talked about some misogynistic and inappropriate interviews she gave in her younger days
Later, in the light of the Spears reveal, netizens came across David’s old interview with the actor who appeared on “The Late Show With David Letterman” promoting their “Scary Movie 5” During the show, Lohan was grilled about her story by the famous hostess and kept asking her about the time she was in rehab while repeatedly telling him to stop

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“Shouldn’t you be in rehab?” Letterman asks Lohan, though the actor didn’t respond well to him and said she would be out on Aug. May go to rehab and she would be there for three months and when asked how many times she had said several times
In the interview he continued to mock their personal days and asked, “What are you rehabilitating? What’s on their list? What will they work on when you walk through the door? “Letterman continues as he laughs. After that, Lindsay said:” We didn’t discuss this in the previous interview ”
” I think, to be honest, I’m happiest when I’m working and healthiest and this is an opportunity for me to focus on what I love in life and I don’t think it’s a bad one Thing is I think it’s a blessing, ” she later added
Letterman continued to ask about her addiction problems, to which she replied, “Now you sound like Dr Phil “That wouldn’t let go of the subject,” Lindsay said to him “We’re here for a movie Let’s stay positive”
Later in the interview, Letterman takes out the list of things that have been said about her and she quickly reached for the list so she could look at it first. After reading it, she said, “You can’t make a joke of it. This is so mean we don’t do that ”
This is how people reacted to the old interview

David Letterman owes Lindsay Lohan an apology like yesterday This is disgusting I’m tired of interviewers arming & mental health with personal struggles as the bum of your ugly jokes !!! I’m glad she got up here for herself.But the laughing audience is 😡🤬 https: // tco / UbqwUi71PR


Why is David Letterman famous? He’s literally any boomer who makes young women extremely uncomfortable https: // tco / l5odqyfMk6

David Letterman found it funny joking about Lohan’s drug problems like that? Impressive I’ve never seen this before It’s not horrible to see now That was always horrible And this clown thinks it’s okay to put her down like this She is human https: // tco / WOhKZDcdIE

Before the interview, the Britney Spears documentary sparked controversy for Justin Timberlake, who faced backlash over his public treatment of the singer 20 years ago He later publicly apologized to his ex-girlfriend on social media

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