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Deion Sanders made his college head coach debut on Sunday when Jackson State defeated Edward Waters from NAIA level 53-0, but the game was quickly overshadowed by confusion over whether Sanders was robbed during the game, and it turned out found out that it wasn’t, even though he was convinced of something else immediately after the game

At his post-game press conference, Sanders railed with reporters about someone he believed stole his belongings from the coach’s office during the game, claiming his credit card, wallet, watches, and phone were all He used the incident to illustrate how “when I talk about quality and raise the standards that applies to everyone, man, not just the people in the field, not just the coaches, not just the teachers , not just for the faculty”But that’s all security and all”

News of the allegation spread quickly, and Sanders claimed it was the second time he had been robbed since taking the FCS job in Jackson, Mississippi, within an hour of sharing Sanders’ lengthy chatter on the matter Jackson State Officials Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated that his belongings were not stolen and were only misplaced after they were taken to safekeeping. Noah Newman of WJTV in Jackson reported that all of Sanders’ belongings had been found in his locker / office

Coach Prime said someone stole all of their belongings in their office during the game ImageTwittercom / HEMRLv7IgI

The bizarre incident wrapped up the beginning with a fascinating tenure for Sanders at HBCU, competing at the FCS level at SWAC, the FCS season was postponed this spring amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Tigers Expected to play a regular season of seven games Sanders, who drew attention to the Jackson State program with his status as a former NFL and MLB superstar, must quickly put the misunderstanding of Sunday behind the Tigers to host the rival on Saturday Mississippi Valley State, and it turned out to be a much tougher game than Sunday’s game against an overmatched opponent from one of the lowest levels in the sport

“How does it feel?” Sanders said before the incident was resolved, “I’m coming back after only tears in my eyes because the guys presented me with the match ball. One of the best moments I’ve ever had emotionally in my professional sports career then go into yours Locker room and your bus office and you realize that you don’t even have a phone to call your mom, call your girl, call your kids because it was stolen “

Sanders finally said “let’s rinse this” and started talking about the game. But before that he made it clear that “we will find out who did it” Iff Sanders wanted more attention to begin with his rebuilding in Jackson state bizarre mix-up after Sunday’s game certainly brought some and he left a mysterious element to the incident by posting the following on Twitter on Sunday night

No it was stolen but they got it back It was stolen from my personal bag in my office and my assistant caught the gentleman stealing but she was alone No miscommunication my husband at all https: // tco / foXTKwqsQC

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