Ron Rivera earned the name’ Riverboat Ron ‘for his fearlessness of going fourth and short in midfield, usually with former league MVP Cam Newton as a battering ram to get the first down I did determined to use the same term and ignore the fact that it doesn’t rhyme with Troy Weaver, general manager of Detroit Pistons

Riverboat Troy started his free hand with a bang; Well, he started his tenure as GM of Detroit Pistons with a bang, if you look at it closely, if you start sifting through this updated list of pistons, not much of what happened a few weeks ago has changed

Instead of letting some of the current contracts play for themselves and staying in the free hand for a year, it was just the opposite in Detroit, Weaver seemed to act everyone, almost like he had set fire to NBA 2K21 in the cave to see how many trades he can approve in no time

It was out with the old and in with the new, The Pistons have evolved from almost everyone from last year, making Blake Griffin the longest-serving player on the team Imagine that

The Detroit Pistons have made a mark and traded with Houston for the up-and-coming Christian Wood On paper, Wood will be included in the deal, who will take Trevor Ariza and the 16 Overall victory sent to the Pistons ahead of Wednesday’s draft Wood signed a three-year $ 41 million deal, a bit rich in Detroit’s tastes, but I’m sad to see him go

Could the same kind of business be in sight for Griffin? The money fits in perfectly with a similar drawing and trading business with the Denver Nuggets, The Pistons added center Mason Plumlee and striker Jerami Grant, both officially from Denver, for the same amount of money that Griffin makes, making it possible for the Pistons to be their superstar on another Send shield to competing nuggets and trade?

Blake Griffin still has two years left on the lucrative deal that will pay him more than $ 36 million and $ 39 million against the cap over the next few seasons

After a career year in Detroit averaging 24 seasons ago with 5 points per game, Griffin was limited to just 18 games last season and hobbled to 155 points per game, the often injured Griffin would be fine somewhere where his minutes could be managed , preferably with a title contender

In the past, I’ve called this Griffin deal immovable, I’ve seen Prince Fielder’s deal with the Detroit Tigers the same, at this point nothing is going to shock me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Riverboat Troy found a new home for the Pistons star

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