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This is going to be a Christmas like we’ve never seen before, with fewer large family gatherings and crowded church services. In any circumstance, it’s no less the day 22 billion people – more than a quarter of the world’s population – celebrate the birth of Christ, the Son of God sent to earth to spread his word

Like Jews, Christians believe in the Hebrew Scriptures, which assures us that God turns all bad, all bad into good – including a deadly pandemic

“They meant angry with me, but God meant well, in order to ensure that many people remain alive as they are today” (Genesis 50:20


Christians accept the New Testament, written by the apostles of Jesus, as a modern addendum of God and as an explanation of the teachings of the Hebrew Bible.It tells us in dozens of scriptures how God, in cooperation with humanity, transforms evil into good

Several scriptures of the Islamic Qur’an, which govern the second largest and fastest growing religion in the world, also speak of God transforming evil into good. The religion regards Jesus as a prophet who will return to one of mankind to bring peace and goodwill to planets enmeshed by conflict

“Those who are patient, seek the countenance of their Lord and establish prayer and secretly and publicly spend what We have provided for them, and ward off evil with good, for those will have the good end” – Surat ar -Ra’d 13:22

In Colorado, where a nasty, microscopic virus that started in China – a country oppressed by communist-encouraged slavery and religious persecution – more than 3Has killed 500 innocent victims, the philosophy of turning bad into good may be hard to hear It may be difficult to hear as the COVID-19 virus is indiscriminately killing millions around the world without caring about geography p>

For those who reject the teachings of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Quran, and other religious texts, the pandemic can ridicule belief in evil within good

However, when we read Judeo-Christian scriptures and other important religious scriptures, we understand that God expects adversity to bring the best out of mankind

We learn that, as the Bible says, many people have been kept alive and will be kept alive. Most people are likely to survive this treacherous contagion, although most will do so with the never-ending grief for lost loved ones that are not around the Christmas tree or have a feast during this time of year of Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years and New Years celebrating other traditional winter celebrations

Because of God-created human intelligence and the general benevolence of the human heart and mind, the United States – the freest and most diverse society in the world – has united wealth and talent to develop vaccines that prevent the virus from occurring the good works of people defeating an anti-human enemy

Without vaccines, billions would not live. Without them, the “evil made against me” would have prevailed. Planet earth would not consist of an unprecedented number of people who enjoy the highest quality of life and the lowest poverty rate in the known history of the world / p>

Just as people defeat evil enemies with vaccines, today we must bear in mind our obligation to correct injustice. For the sake of humanity and the need to defeat evil, we must love and cherish our deceased and give thanks for the time that we had prayed with them that they would be in a better place according to God’s plan

Christmas is a time of giving and we can overcome adversity by making record charitable giving in 2020 and 2021.We can choose to forgive our mortal enemies on this day when much of the world celebrates Jesus, we can give generous tips Leaving Behind and Committing Anonymous Kind Actions We can choose to comfort strangers in need who lack the support of family and friends

Humanity can turn evil into good and make this the happiest, most constructive and most meaningful Christmas of all

This Christmas

World News – USA – EDITORIAL: This Christmas we can overpower evil with good