On Thursday, Donald Trump and QAnon, who support attorney Lin Wood, released a series of tweets attacking Chief Justice John Roberts after the Colonel’s decision to make another bid to reverse the election results discard

Among the tweets from Wood, who is short for the QAnon slogan “Where we go, we all go” in his Twitter bio, was an unsubstantiated claim that Roberts received a phone call from Justice Stephen Breyer last year he would “make sure” that Trump lost the election

Wood also reiterated suggestions that Roberts had ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who died of suicide in his prison cell in August 2019

Wood, who is trying to prove Trump’s controversial allegations of widespread electoral fraud along with his QAnon-backing attorney Sidney Powell, made previous allegations against Roberts that he flew on Epstein’s private jet and was linked to the billionaire sex offender

The lawsuit pertains to a “John Roberts” who appears in flight log documents published by the court for Epstein’s private jet

“I had long questions about ‘John Roberts’ on Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs for private jets I suspected it was our Chief Justice MSM [mainstream media] has shown no interest in investigating the issue to the TRUTH Wood tweeted his 819000 followers

Wood then asked Roberts to answer if it was him who appeared in the flight logs

“We The People has the right to have answers. You work for us, Justice Roberts Answer These Questions You Won’t Go Away You can’t fly the TRUTH away on the Epstein Jet”

In response, several Twitter users posted a photo allegedly showing Roberts and former President Bill Clinton and others swimming in the ocean off Epstein’s private Caribbean island in the United States Virgin Islands, Little St James

In Little St James, called “Pedophile Island”, Epstein is said to have trafficked and sexually abused young women and girls for years

The photo claiming Roberts and Clinton in Little StJames is actually from the former president’s trip to the Dominican Republic in 2017, which Roberts was not involved in

Although page 562 of the Epstein documents actually lists a “John Roberts” containing his flight logs, there is no other indication that this is the Supreme Court Justice other than that she has a very common name have

For example, another John Roberts is the White House chief correspondent for Fox News. When the flight logs were revealed in August 2019, he tweeted, “For anyone who thinks this is me, I didn’t know Epstein, never met him, and Certainly never flew in one of his planes “

For anyone who thinks it could be me, I didn’t know Epstein, never met him, and certainly never flew in one of his planes BildTwittercom / sakGSDZTE4

There is no other evidence that Roberts has any connection with Epstein, and Roberts has never felt the need to deny that it is him

A photo claiming to support the proposal has been proven to be a joke as it does not show Roberts or Little St James The only passable link that suggests Justice Roberts visited Epstein’s private island is the name “John Roberts” in flight logs where there is no evidence to suggest that he is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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John Roberts

World news – USA – Fact check: Does the photo show Chief Justice John Roberts on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island?

Source: https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-does-photo-show-justice-john-roberts-jeffrey-epstein-private-island-1555910