WandaVision refers in its latest episode | often on Malcolm in the middle of Wunderstudios

“WandaVision” is not only a fundamental step in the story of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also an entertaining retrospective on the development of TV sitcoms

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For him, episode 6 of “WandaVision”, it is time to visit the 90s, an era that most fans of the Marvel universe have a real experience with

Needless to say, fans love the “WandaVision” replica of a one-handed camera sitcom series from 1990 such as “Malcolm In The Middle” “In fact, the reference to it got a lot of buzz on social media”WandaVision” is currently ensuring a resurgence of “Malcolm in The Middle”

Sure, “Malcolm In The Middle” began in 2000, but it was really a look back at family life in the 1990s, so if you’re not that obsessed with details, the “WandaVision” reference makes a lot of sense. p>

Malcolm in the middle

World News – USA – Fans love the episode of ‘Malcolm in the middle’

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