FKA Twigs informed Gayle King on Thursday of her relationship with ex-Shia LeBeouf in which she claims there had been tremendous verbal and physical abuse

The 33-year-old British singer-songwriter and actress (b Tahliah Barnett) sat down for her first television interview with CBS This Morning, which aired Thursday, and told King the 34-year-old Transformers star was a manipulator, which is why she did not believe or accept a blanket apology that LeBeouf made last December after she filed a lawsuit against him

Barnett made international headlines when she filed this lawsuit, which included allegations of sexual battery, assault, and emotional stress. LeBeouf has since denied all allegations, but he partially replied at the time, “I have myself and everyone around me abused for years I have hurt the people closest to me in the past. I am ashamed of this story and apologize to those I have hurt. Otherwise I can’t say anything ”

Telling King Thursday of these words, Barnett said, “I think it reminds me of some of the gas lights I saw when I was with him – taking the blame, but not everything, and then denying it””

As set out in the lawsuit, Barnett reiterated that if LaBeouf had requested treatment and donated to charities helping victims of abuse – as she claims she had asked him multiple times – she would not have taken legal action, LaBeouf, whose Talent Agency no longer represents him, recently received treatment – after Barnett filed their lawsuit. He has not commented since then other than through his lawyers who have denied Barnett’s allegations

In her first TV intv, @FKATwigs talks about her previous relationship with Shia LaBeouf

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