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Sometimes the absurdity of boxing’s worst business practices leads to simple cruelty in the ring.This was when Gennadiy Golovkin was forced to face mandatory IBF middleweight title contender Kamil Szeremeta on Friday night after seven one-sided rounds, in who had Szeremeta knocked down four times, the referee had to stop the fight, which brought Golovkin the TKO victory and had the IBF title firmly under control

Any mystery of whether Szeremeta could stick with Golovkin and make the fight competitive was gone by the opening round.Golovkin quickly established his powerful thrust, suppressed Szeremeta’s attempt to throw the same blow, and resulted in no meaningful outcome of his own, and Golovkin followed his Push with a beating right hand, which opened his power strokes, and a winging left hand placed Szeremeta in the opening frame

Szeremeta would go down again in Round 2, this time from a beating right hand Golovkin’s Szeremeta managed to top the count again but without the power to turn the tide – Szeremeta had only five in five professional fights against lower division opponents KOs scored – Golovkin was given no reason to take your foot off the accelerator

Golovkin would score two more losses in the fourth and seventh rounds before the referee had seen enough and passed the fight as the fighters sat on their stools between rounds It was a merciful ending for Szeremeta, whose tenacity did not match could match his skills on this excursion

“Respect for Kamil’s coach and corner,” Golovkin said of the interruption, “You’re very smart because he was done Come on folks”

Overall, Golovkin outwitted Szeremeta with 228 to 59 punches, including a 94-10 advantage in his punches. In addition to the bad news for Szeremeta in the punch statistics, Golovkin landed 56% of his power punches during the fight

The obvious game for Golovkin would be a third fight against Canelo Alvarez after the first fight ended in a draw and the second fight by a narrow majority for Alvarez

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Alvarez will fight Callum Smith for two super middleweight titles on Saturday night. Golovkin was shy after the fight when asked about the possible trilogy, suggesting he was open to it but not fully committed

“Absolutely, I am open to everyone”, said Golovkin “Best opponent for me, for business, for DAZN, for people? We will wait for tomorrow I hope tomorrow is a great event Who will win? I am open”

CBS Sports was with you the entire way on Friday, following the live results and highlights below

The referee renounces the fight between the rounds. This is over. Official result: Gennadiy Golovkin def Kamil Szeremeta via TKO, round 7

Szeremeta hits to make it clear that he is still trying to win, but there is no longer any way to victory for him

Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta – Round 7: Golovkin begins a great flurry of punches, including a right hand slapping next to Szeremeta’s head

Golovkin discharged himself down the track with more shots and he made it through another round of Unofficial Scorecard: 10-9 Golovkin (60-51 Golovkin)

Golovkin lands another large uppercut and a left hook Both punches snap Szeremeta’s head back. Szeremeta throws a right hand, which lands cleanly, and a couple of thrusts, but the punches just have no strength

Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta – Round 6: Golovkin fires again before opening an uppercut with a body shot

Szeremeta survives round 5 because Golovkin’s output has dropped slightly. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Golovkin (50-42 Golovkin)

Another right lands for Golovkin and a left hook behind it Szeremeta eats another right hand and tries to answer, but there is nothing but a push Another uppercut cracks from Golovkin

Two quick lead uppercuts land for Golovkin and a right from Szeremeta, but he simply has no power to force Golovkin to respect him

Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta – Round 5: Golovkin bombs early and Szeremeta stands and takes it

💥 @GGGBoxing floors Szeremeta AGAIN in the 4th Round can he survive the next one? Live now on @DAZNBoxing

Szeremeta complained of a low blow, GGG made him sit up and say he apologized and then lit his ass with a combo that sank his battleship

Szeremeta survives one more round. He was so far in three of the four rounds below. Unofficial Scorecard: 10-8 Golovkin (40-33 Golovkin)

Another right from Golovkin lands and a few more thrusts Szeremeta is still trying to shoot back

Golovkin lands two right and one left hands and Szeremeta goes down again! But he beats the count

Golovkin has landed more than half of his power strokes so far. And he lands another heavy right hand and a few thrusts and Szeremeta gets a little more in this round

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GGG against Szeremeta

World news – USA – Gennadiy Golovkin against Kamil Szeremeta Fight results, highlights: ‘GGG’ shines in return with the TKO victory