Rep Adam Kinzinger published a letter claiming it was sent to him by nearly a dozen family members who avoided him because of his voice in order to indict former President Donald Trump for the second time.’ / p>

Kinzinger (R-Ill) forwarded the letter to the New York Times, which published it on Monday. It was Friday, Jan 8 and written by Karen Otto, a cousin of the Illinois legislature

“Oh my God, what a disappointment you are for us and for God! We were so proud of your achievements once! Instead, you go against your Christian principles and join the “devil’s army,” wrote Otto at the beginning of the correspondence, which was signed by 10 other relatives

“We thought you were” smart “enough to see the left brainwash so many” so-called good people “, including yourself and many other GOP members. They even fell for their socialist ideals “, She continued and called his decisions” So, so, sad! “

Otto then defended the former commander in the chief’s reaction to his loss of the election, writing to the Illinois Congressman: “President Trump is not perfect, but neither is you or either of us! It is not our job to judge or be judged! But he’s a Christian! “

Otto turned her attention back to Kinzinger and wrote: “We are now very embarrassed that we are related to you. You have embarrassed the family name Kinzinger! We do not judge you This letter is our opinion of you! ”

“Oh, by the way, good luck with your fundraisers. We’re sure there are plenty of other good GOP and Christian supporters out there,” she continued

Representatives from Kinzinger could not be reached immediately for comment from The Post, nor could Otto

Kinzinger was one of only three Republicans who voted to condemn the former president in his second impeachment and to graze Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) of her committee duties

The six-year-old Republican of the House of Representatives never warmed himself for the GOP president during his tenure and regularly criticized the Commander-in-Chief for his rhetoric, although he usually does not deviate from him on critical party issues

Reached out by The Times for an interview, Otto said she paid $ 7 to mail the letter to her cousin’s father to make sure the congressman would see it

The effort worked, and Kinzinger saw the letter she also sent copies to Republicans across Illinois, according to the newspaper.

For its part, the GOP legislature said his family members are “brainwashing” the conservative churches they attend, which they have allegedly misled

Kinzinger’s family was not the only group to oppose the GOP legislature after its impeachment ruling

The Republican of the House was censored earlier this month by the LaSalle County Republican Central Committee, which represents his home district

The criticism was largely symbolic and did not threaten Kinzinger’s current control of the seat

However, it could talk about whether he can keep Republican support to the state and local party

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Adam Kinzinger

World News – US – GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger claims his family avoided him because of Trump’s impeachment