On Feb On September 7, 2021, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs competed during Super Bowl LV, a man in a pink swimsuit prowled the field promoting an adult website -Year-old Yuri Andrade had a second motive: 375$ 000 on a prop bet of 50To win $ 000 that he placed before the game:

That rumor appears to have originated from a Sideline Daily Instagram post that sports-focused social media account shared a picture of Andrade at a restaurant and wrote that the Super Bowl streaker told him he was a prop Bet of 50$ 000 that someone would give up during the game In the fourth quarter, when the game was so far without streaks, Andrade took matters into his own hands:

For starters, a streaker is, by definition, a person walking naked through a public space.As seen in the meme above, Andrade wasn’t naked when he ran across the soccer field. During social media posts and news articles, possibly “Streaker “Using to describe Andrade, we doubt that a bookmaker who wagered 50$ 000 supports this type of technique slipping, especially when the player is trying to play the system

In addition, it is unlikely that Andrade would have been able to wager such a large amount of money on a prop (or novelty) bet) Pat Everson, a senior writer at Covers gambling website, doubted anyone a bet of 50$ 000 on something like this:

Today a lot of Hullaballoo about the #SuperBowl-Streaker, who reportedly made a bet of 50Made $ 000 at 750 that there would be a streaker during the game

Kelly Stewart, another reporter who covers the gambling beat under the handle of @KellyInVegas, also noted that there was no chance anyone got a $ 50Allowed to Place a 000 Prop Bet Stewart said it can be difficult to get a bet of $ 200, much less a bet at 50000 dollars:

If Andrade is not a 50000 dollar bet, what if he got hundreds of people to place smaller bets? Stewart also threw cold water on this claim:

Check out the hymn prop Can bet a few hundred here and there Will capitalize on Friday after rehearsal Books take it down You actually think if 500 people bet all $ 100 on the streaker prop, the book would don’t abolish them LOL

{We mark this as “unproven” until someone shows receipts of this bet

While we don’t know how much Andrade made on this stunt, we can tell how much he’s lost so far, WFLA reported that Andrade was charged with trespassing and fired on a $ 500 bond

Super Bowl Streaker Bet

World News – USA – Has a Super Bowl ‘Streaker’ $ 374000 won at Prop Bet?

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