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The Atlanta Hawks failed to record a second straight win on Tuesday night and fell behind on their way to the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-111

Trae Young scored 28 points and distributed 12 assists, while Kevin Huerter scored 22 points and scored four three-points

For the Cavaliers, Collin Sexton scored 29 points despite his bad problems in the second half. Darius Garland added 17 points

The Hawks were good favorites on their way to last night’s game and should have built a double-digit lead quickly in the first quarter but missed a few light shots in the edge / color to keep their advantage from taking home with Clint bring Capela and John Collins over Dean Wade and Jarrett Allen:

The Hawks were honestly quite poor in the first quarter, and it was the Cavaliers who built a double-digit lead themselves in the first few exchanges of the second quarter, but the turning point in that first quarter was Collins – who upset the first six minutes – getting into early nasty trouble. Whenever he and Capela were away from the ground, the Hawks suffered, and it was no accident that when these two returned to the ground, the Hawks began to turn things around and take the lead Cavaliers to cut

The first turning point in that game was when Collins hit the head in a ricochet under the basket and was subsequently kept out of the second half as a precaution due to concussion in 13 minutes, Collins had 13 points on the 5-of -6 shooting from the field scored His absence for the remainder of the game was hugely noticeable, not only in terms of his production and what he brings, but also because the Hawks had to rely more on their rotation in the second half ( what Lloyd Pierce doesn’t) I always prefer) and the Hawks’ bank (with the exception of Skylar Mays in the second half) was really, really bad last night

The Hawks eventually took the lead back in the game in the third quarter, holding it for most of the second half In the fourth quarter – despite Dylan Windler having a career night – the Hawks were six points ahead of Young finds Tony Snell – who started last night instead of the injured Cam Reddish – for three, resulting in a Cleveland break, with 4 : 57 stays in the game and the Hawks 107-101 lead

After Sexton split two free throws, Young begins his fights on the track, opting for a contested three-pointer instead, which is overlooked:

After an offensive foul by Sexton on the other end, the Hawks return with Young, who misses Clint Capela, who misses another shot on the edge and is unable to lead the alley home:

This would have added seven points to the Hawks, not that it would have protected them from the events that were going to happen, but it would still have been a big basket oh

Darius Garland pulls Capela off the drive before attempting to hit the runner who misses, but Jarrett Allen is there to clean up and cut the lead to three:

Young, who has his back on the ball here, is really costing the Hawks.If he’s in front of the ball, he can at least help when Garland is past Snell Perhaps Capela can then secure a defensive rebound in front of everyone. After Capela is forced to come out and challenge Garland, Allen can end the second opportunity


Young is on hand to restore the Hawks’ five-point lead and declines the Capela screen to complete with his left hand:

After a missed garland layup and two missed free throws by Capela, the Cavs take the lead with a three-pointer while the Hawks collapse in color Their rotations aren’t sharp enough to prevent sexton from hitting the open three:

Young and Capela join forces in an alley to keep their lead This time Young gets into the paint before throwing the rag at Capela:

The next turning point of the fourth quarter was the defensive end when Solomon Hill was called out about the blocking foul on the journey:

The Hawks wanted the toll call to keep the Cavs – who were in bonus for more than half the fourth quarter – off the free-throw line They challenged that call but lost the challenge and lost time out in the process so they only have time out for the final 1:51 of the game

“Our video guys have a monitor, it usually takes 10 to 12 seconds. The guys back there pretty much agreed it was an indictment,” Pierce said of the Hawks’ challenge. “I saw it afterward, Solo saw it afterwards It’s really hard to deny he was there He took contact on the pass There are always more angles than we see but from the angle we saw it was clear enough to make the challenge and you have to accept this challenge. It’s free throws for them and it is our possession if we take it away. Those are the choices you have to make, but our guys pretty much agreed. ”

After Garland has split the two free throws, Young leaves the screen and starts the three-pointer, but cannot connect:

After an impressive glass runner from Sexton, which cuts the lead to one, Young comes off the screen, gets in, but can’t hit the crooked swimmer:

After Young picks up the offensive ricochet from his missed shot, he tries to do everything himself, his angled shot is missed and the Cavs grab the ricochet:

Suddenly the Hawks are only one point ahead, 35 seconds remain in the game, and the Cavs now have a chance to take the lead, but the Hawks receive immediate redress when Huerter procures his fourth theft that night Prick ball free of garland:

Young puts the ball on the ground, gets the screen near the right sideline before the Cavs set the trap, and somehow the Hawks can take time out before being told to push the limits:

Cleveland head coach JB Bickerstaff was very unimpressed at the time of this event, and you can imagine why Sadly, the Hawks are taking advantage of their last time out but saved possession and some turnover and have the opportunity to work something out to put the pressure on decrease that the Cavs put on them

From the timeout, Huerter throws the ball for Young into the back area, which comes from the Gallinari screen before he misses another floater:

“I’m just trying to fill in a few gaps, create a breakup to get downhill,” Pierce said of the Hawks’ last offensive possession. “I thought we had some open-minded people. Trae gets a peek Normally he can Going a little further, a little deeper He’s got Jarrett Allen (guarding him) so I understand the hesitation but didn’t really get a clean look.It’s just trying to create some gaps for our best player to get a shot at in the end get ”

Out of this miss, the Cavs push with Sexton, decide not to use their time-out, the Hawks load the ball handler to the front, Sexton goes to Lamar Stevens, who drives to the edge and scores with 4 Another 1 second:

There’s a lot to do here First, Hill probably doesn’t have to put the ball handler under such pressure with Snell (a mistake Hill took on in full for replay) Second, Young was better on defense this season, but that was an extremely bad defense that basically overtook Stevens through matadoring.Finally, Danilo Gallinari’s auxiliary defense was just as bad as he basically stops / stands still as Stevens on the sidelines comes

The obvious – and fair – question, “Where’s Clint Capela?” was raised after the game by Pierce, who was concerned that the Cavaliers might mess Capela and send him to the free-throw line, where he missed two free throws in the fourth had quarter

“At the end of one, knowing that if they catch Trae we would have a free throw shooter who can get the basketball,” Pierce said of his decision to end up Gallinari over Capela. “We were afraid they would get Clint could smudge in offensive possession in less than 10 seconds when he’s on screen or involved in the catch just someone else needs to be on the ground to secure the basketball. He’s the kind of guy who’ll secure it, but me I’m sure this would have resulted in an instant foul ”

A full horror game, and now the Hawks no longer have a timeout to advance the ball, and ultimately they don’t get a shot to the end if the Cavaliers break their 10-game losing streak

“Disappointed” opened Pierce Postgame, who had even returned from an absence of three games between the birth of his second child last week and the Covid minutes on Sunday “We thought we needed one more piece, you have one more Made when we had a couple of possessions on the track couldn’t crash the ball I really needed another defensive effort on the track, a break from the multiple effort trying to crawl in transition, our guys competed in competitions and an incredible basketball game played hard loss ”

The Hawks didn’t lose this game in one possession (as we just saw), but there was much to be said in the possession in which the Cavaliers won the game, with Pierce attributing the Hawks to ‘lack of organization in the game Transition and a dubbing from Solomon Hill as reasons why it turned out the way it turned out

“It’s in transition, there really is no organization in transition,” said Pierce of Stevens Dunk. “You have no man in transition Solo got out of position and accidentally ran towards basketball We’re a man, if you do this because it’s on the ground we needed someone to step in and at this point it’s a scramble drill, it’s a breakout, they’re down, we have enough people back, but we didn’t organize or communicate. We didn’t have to throw the basketball on the ground and we needed someone to cover up that mistake in the end ”

“I’ll take the blame for this,” said Hill of the Stevens Dunk. “The guy who left was Collin Sexton who wanted to put some pressure on him. He made the right game. He got off the ball and Lamar Stevens drove Came down on the ball with no resistance, got the right game, got them a nice little dunk I think I’m taking this piece personally just because I thought I had taken the charge, I looked at the piece again, I thought I had Taken a clean charge Make the call the umpires wanted to make and we lose time out that puts us in a situation where at the end of the game, when we have the ball and we have the opportunity to work something out for Trae, do not have this break. As you can see from my plus / minus (-23), I take full responsibility for ”

“I never want to leave anyone alone on an island,” Hill continued with the play. “I think the next man was Gallo, guarding someone in the corner. He (Sexton) was a hot man tonight , no one else had more than 20 just to speed it up I didn’t want him to come down and do something comfortable I take full responsibility because maybe I could have communicated more Let Tony (Snell) know I was there After he got out he tried to tune out to Stevens but it was too late It’s up to me, I think I became a villain at this game and it got us the game tasted ”

Setting up in transition has nothing to do with matchups, it has less to do with schemes, and more to do with how the players put themselves together, how they move, and so on for those who have holes in pierces Commenting on the disorganization in transition and how that is his job to single out, Huerter discussed the dynamics of transition defense in a post-game situation that is eloquent after the game

“At this point there are no rules. Nothing should happen,” Huerter said when asked what should happen on the Stevens Dunk. “When you are in transition, you have to speak, you have to communicate, you have to people pick up on that back we didn’t have numbers, we came back and didn’t communicate, we had people on the team loaded on the side of the ball I was being held by everyone but I’m trying to move out to get into the corner and he ( Stevens) undisputedly drives through the middle of the color. There was a lack of communication on this piece. At this point in the game there are no rules, there are no matchups, there is no “you come back and find your own man”, you get the next man There are 10 seconds left in the game, you have to play a game ”

“I had two people on my side, knew if I slipped over they’d throw it to that corner man,” said Young of the piece. “I didn’t mean to mess up Lamar either. Just a bang-bang game, such a fast-paced game They hit, we had no time off and had to go from there ”

Speaking of young The fourth quarter was really a fight Young shot 3-of-9 from the field and 0-of-3 out of three (1-of-6 from the field in the last five minutes and 0-of-4 in the last 94 seconds), clearly trying to be the hero down the track, clearly seeing the consequences with the ball basically in his hands, the Hawks lived and died due to his success and it was the latter last night so much so he played a huge role in the Hawks’ loss on the track, he could have single-handedly won the game for the Hawks on the track if he had hit those shots, but he didn’t and many of them weren’t great shots (as we’ve seen)

With the news of Young’s all-star nudge (which Young said confused him Tuesday) right before the games started – something Young would surely have known about – it seemed like this had one Factor down the range in some of the decisions that went into the volume and quality of Young’s shots when he tried to take this game down the range

Sure, he’s hooked up with Capela a few times and you’d like the ball to be in the hands of your star players, but at some point there are other teammates who at least give him up even if they don’t end up making a shot Huerter had a fantastic game with 22 points in a game where he hit inside and outside and got one shot attempt in the fourth quarter (which he made and two free throws)

There have been many fourth quarters that Young has done well, but this wasn’t one of them I think he was trying to do a little too much on his own and it didn’t work out against Cleveland

For the game, Young shot 9-of-27 off the field, 1-of-7 out of three, and unusually missed four free throws when he shot 9-of-13 off the line. Huerter scored 22 points at 8-of-14 -Shot from the field and 4-out-8 out of three, along with four stealing

Of course, aside from the way that game ended with that Stevens Dunk, the Hawks had to think about one more fourth quarter lead to let go and one more game against the Cavaliers that they probably would have won should

“It’s a hard look in the mirror. That was us,” said Hill of the Hawks in the fourth quarter. “I think we stopped playing at the pace we wanted to play I still don’t think that we are the best execution team in the fourth quarter so there was no need to slow the game down.We extended our lead and made the comeback aggressive.Kevin was in the fast lanes early this morning, resulting in many of our quick breaks and opportunities for us when if we slow the game down – I don’t think we’re still there – a preference would be to have a more comfortable lead or slow the game down to under two minutes, but there is no excuse for that

“I would say if we could close games we wouldn’t be in this position or we wouldn’t be the team we are today and it’s still a young group”We are learning and we don’t want to make excuses so I’m going to take my hat off to the Cleveland Cavaliers and their ability to play great against us, maybe not so against the rest of the league, but they bring a great game against us. Every team has that , every team has a team that has its number ”

“Obvious frustration, we didn’t play the games we needed to go down the track,” added Huerter. “Not taken offensive, obviously we didn’t have any shots to ourselves at the end of the game but we didn’t have much offensively Creates movement”Defensive, obviously the last possession of the game, it’s a breakdown of the most important game in the game. That’s frustrating. Before that, we didn’t get any stops, had a few bad fouls and things didn’t go our way. We keep doing it to each other, so there is obvious frustration ”

As bad as that loss was – and it was very, very bad – this was a game the Hawks could have won if one of these things hadn’t happened (and these are just a few of the bigger ones):

The Hawks will most likely pull this game out as well, unless Collins is forced to quit at halftime

“John Collins is critical to what we want to do here,” said Solomon Hill. “Some of these people are key to our game of pick and roll with JC, and Ice is probably one of the best games in basketball, and Losing that and losing a man of this caliber who got us started was definitely difficult. But I’ll sit here again and say we don’t make excuses, this is a game we have to win ”

There was a lot that went into that loss – and if either of them hadn’t happened the outcome would likely be different (go on, blame Lloyd Pierce) – so it’s by no means entirely up to Young, but he did it for his game on the track last night to be held accountable. Young also admitted after the game that he had to shoot better towards the end of the game

“I have to do more shots at the end of the game and do better,” said Young

The Hawks (13-18) will be back in action on Wednesday when they take on the Boston Celtics at the State Farm Arena This is a must – a loss of its kind – and it is anything but easy

Trae Young

World News – USA – Hawks disappointed with execution against Cavaliers

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