Sen Ted Cruz asked people “to have a measure of respect” after the news revealed his family had decided to fly to Mexico during last week’s deadly winter weather

SenTed Cruz said Tuesday his wife, Heidi Cruz, was not particularly pleased that some of her text messages were leaked to reporters during the family’s much-criticized Mexican vacation during last week’s deadly winter weather in Texas

“I’ll say Heidi is pretty pissed off about it,” said Cruz, 50, of his wife, 48, on an episode of the political podcast Ruthless

Heidi’s messages in a group chat in the neighborhood were first sent to Reform Austin, a local news agency, after a backlash last Thursday against the Texas senator’s short-lived trip to Cancun, Mexico, and national news outlets soon got it on too (The source or sources were not disclosed)

The texts Heidi complained about the “freezing temperatures” and discussed the family’s decision to fly to Cancun were sent to the press when her husband tried to explain why he was making the trip as his home state dealt with him widespread electricity and heat shortages

Last week’s winter weather that hit Texas and other parts of the U.Shas been linked to around 70 deaths, including more than a dozen who died after heat loss in their homes, according to the Associated Press

The senator quickly returned to Houston after flying to Cancun on Wednesday night, though his family is believed to have stayed for the remainder of their trip

“Here’s a suggestion: just don’t be a ——-” he said, “How, you know, treat each other like people have some degree, some degree of respect”

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After a lengthy silence last week as photos of him at the airport were circulated on social media, Cruz initially said he was flying to Mexico to – he implied – drop off his young daughters, whom he said were them would have requested the trip

However, Heidi’s texts indicated that it was a family affair and she invited others when she also asked if the members of the group chat were all warm enough

In her news, she suggested the trip was an escape from the bad Texas weather

Cruz later admitted that he had planned to stay in Cancun for the entire weekend but said he would work from the famous beach resort

“Whether the decision to leave was deaf – look, it was obviously a mistake,” he told reporters after they got home on Thursday and protesters gathered outside. “In retrospect, I would not have done it.” p>
Cruz’s vacation was derided by critics from RepAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez to country singer Kacey Musgraves (however, some defense lawyers argued that Cruz was not directly responsible for the Texas emergency response, which is why he was allowed to travel)

Cruz shared photos of himself distributing water in Texas this weekend and has reaffirmed his commitment to the state in his media appearances despite critics calling the moves face-saving hypocrisy

On Tuesday, Cruz laughed at the backlash he faced, saying, “I haven’t received so much negative press coverage since Northern California in the 1960s,” on a note on internet memes who joked he was the Zodiac killer

The Texas Senator, who was again urged to step down by Democratic critics after last week’s vacation, also brushed off complaints about his family’s decision to leave their dog Snowflake behind when they went to Mexico

“Of all the ridiculous stories,” Cruz said. “Look, I love Snowflake. He was at a dog sitter’s home and actually the heat and power was back on”

Cruz called a local reporter “creepy” for going into his neighborhood to see if Cruz had power and then snapping a picture of the family dog ​​that the journalist saw through the front door. p>

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The Texas Senator said it was “even more scary” that Heidi was photographed by paparazzi on the beach during the Cancun trip

Cruz said leaks were “a sign of how ridiculously politicized and angry” people can be, and said his wife was “in a neighbour’s house” on Monday, indicating that she has confronted them about the leaked texts have

Overall, Cruz attributed the impact of his trip to political differences, even though he was beaten up by some last week as an “enemy of our state” for leaving during the crisis

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