In 2013, Naughty Dog set out to write a compelling story about two survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The world fell in love with Ellie almost instantly, and Joel The Last of Us was well received by many fans during his brief campaign Now, live-action video games rarely turn out well, but fans, with a little hesitation, hoped that a studio would live up to history, as HBO is currently working hard to try just that, starting with their casting decisions for the legendary survival duo

The Last of Us has the distinction of winning Game of the Year for both titles in the franchise The Last of Us Part II surprisingly won the title despite allegations of poor working conditions for Naughty Dog in 2020 given the immense success of the series it was only a matter of time before a studio tried a live action adaptation

The entire The Last of Us campaign is heavily focused on Joel and Ellie’s adventures through the decimated United States, while encountering a variety of friendly (and unfriendly) characters, no doubt, the gist of the series weighs down on Ellie’s relationship and with no doubt Joel strong, but the supporting roles serve to shed light on the struggles and development of the main duo

Today, HBO finally announced its pick for the actors to play the roles of Ellie and Joel. Coincidentally, both actors who play the leading roles have previous experience working with HBO. HBO first announced Bella Ramsey’s addition to the cast, who plays the role of Ellie Then news agencies reported on Pedro Pascal’s casting as Ellie’s companion and protector Joel

Interestingly, both Ramsey and Pascal have worked with HBO on the then hit TV show Game of Thrones in the past, with fans celebrating Ramsey’s breakout role on Game of Thrones as the matriarch of the Mormont clan, with Lyanna Mormont also playing Pascal Herz as Oberyn Martell, before starring in a leading role on the hit Mandalorian series, Mighty Actors play key roles in The Last of Us story, but there are numerous other roles that require strong casting decisions

Fans unfamiliar with the series will be surprised that the hugely successful game has few characters besides Joel and Ellie.The supporting cast of characters consists of just under ten people, which of course reduces the numerous nameless grunts against which the main duo starts

Naughty Dog masterfully wrote a gripping emotional story with just a small cast, and it is precisely the efficient storytelling in the games that has drawn the attention and hearts of many gamers, HBO made no announcements regarding the other major roles in the HBO Story Fortunately, we have some ideas on who should join Pascal and Ramsey on The Last of Us

The story requires two strong actors in the early stages of the game story Joel’s brother Tommy and daughter Sarah play a key role at the start of the global pandemic.Tommy reappears later in the story, but Sarah plays a much more succinct role, no doubt Sarah’s influence on the story despite their brief appearance the greatest weight of all characters Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones or Nathan Fillion from Firefly can both stand in for Tommy.For the role of Sarah, Freya Allen, the breakout star of The Witcher, can play Joel’s daughter

Coster-Waldau has already played a brother on TV, but more importantly, he has the strength and character to play as the quieter of the two siblings in the game, Fillion serves as a suitable alternative due to his extensive experience in fantasy Series, including a voice acting as Hal Jordan in Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox Freya Allen, on the other hand, could bring the required emotional punch to Sarah’s in-game scene

Joel’s first partner Tess also plays a small but significant role in the series The Rebel Firefly Leader Marlene plays the larger role of the adult women in the cast Film star Tessa Thompson can bring out the skills and drive for Marlene’s character voice clips in the game’s final stages also reveal the character’s weak points as the exhausted leader of a massive rebel movement Marvel, Star Trek and Avatar star Zoe Saldana can also get the most out of one of the game’s greatest characters Olivia Wilde is not known for difficult scenes, but she could definitely play Tess Wilde’s short role as the mother deer in Bojack Horseman demonstrating her ability to depth as an actress

Bill and David round out the list as two major supporting characters in the story. Their ramifications are different, but both are essential to the grand scheme of The Last of Us. Bill is unruly, untrustworthy and pessimistic, but he does Joel and Ellie Much Needed Help Plus, he doubles as an extra emotional slap in history as you find out what happened to his ex-partner, Bill’s voice actor and motion capture model W Earl Brown has appeared in several films and TV shows in an illustrious career.Live-action adaptations never select the same people they played in the source material, but Brown would be an excellent exception to that trend

David’s actor must be menacing, quiet, and vaguely trustworthy.He appears in the story trying to offer Ellie help, but his real face is shown later in this chapter to David Tennant, famous for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and the Goblet of Fire , and Jessica Jones would make an excellent David. Tennant’s looks by default make people lower their guards, however, he has shown his amazing ability to play darker roles in Tennant’s short role as Barty Crouch Jr in Harry, Potter offered a glimpse of his darker portrayal.His role in Jessica Jones cements him as a bonafid vicious actor.David is not inherently malicious to begin with, but that must be done in the first few moments of his introduction

Disappointing video game adaptations litter both film and television fans can be forgiven for approaching each adaptation with caution given the genre’s dire past, however, some adaptations hit the mark, so there is hope for HBO’s The Last of Us Additionally, despite the hugely questionable ending for Game of Thrones, HBO has proven its ability to make amazing TV shows

Ultimately, fans just want a respectful adaptation to one of the most beloved franchises of the past decade.The Joel and Ellie story deserves to be told.Most of all, it deserves to be told right.Luckily for fans everywhere, the TLOU runs – Lead writer and director Neil Druckman the HBO adaptation team for the hit game That itself inspires confidence that the show lives up to game history

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