Golfers cannot rely on anything some blades or cavity back overlap or interlocking Tiger or Phil removal or rollback

If you spend time following golfers online, you will quickly find that the special way of talking about the game (“Golfing is not a word!”) is what other golf fans might think of as someone Grandmother was only asked to fix her own tire or open her own door

One thing we can agree on is the Riviera Country Club Every golf fan loves the Riviera How can you not? The Riviera is perfect in modern times It is not too long a golf course, but every year it beats the best in the world It is not majestic in the traditional sense, it lacks the view of the sea or the mountains, but it is still breathtakingly beautiful It is a no-criminal golf course where a player still feels as though they are avoiding the large numbers

So why has it been almost 30 years since we last saw the world’s best players face Riviera in a major championship?

It’s really stupid if you think about it. With two major championships held annually in the US, it almost seems intentional to avoid going back to the Riviera

The last US. Open here? It was the only one in 48 when “Dewey Defeats Truman” was the earliest call of all early calls The Last PGA Championship? That came in 1995 when Tiger was a teenager, Dustin Johnson had just turned eleven, and Bryson DeChambeau wanted candle no 1 see 2 on his birthday cake

It seems even crazier when you look at what modern gamers are saying about the Riviera Country Club

“You look at a great golf course and test every shot, does it test everything you need?” Reigning PGA Champion Collin Morikawa said this week, “That’s what Riviera does. You hit every stroke out here, you hit draws, you hit fades, wedges, long irons, 3-woods, everything, and I think that makes you great golf course from ”

“It is one of my favorites around the world,” said Jordan Spieth in 2015. “It is one of the few in history that has past champions, not only the champions but also those who run these fairways have run””

Spieth would know His legend began to grow on the Riviera in 2012 when the NCAA men’s championship was held there. Spieth asked to compete in the final against his fellow student Justin Thomas, who later won the Haskins Award, as Player of the Year ” Can you match me up with Justin? ” Spieth asked his coach John Fields “I know he’s a great player, but I think I can get inside his head”

Spieth got a 4-iron on 15th Hole, one of the toughest par-4s on the PGA Tour, on the way to defeating Thomas and leading Texas to the title over Alabama

How about an event that has been recognized as a great championship for decades, the US. Amateur? In the 2017 championship game, Doug Ghim – also from Texas – seemed ready to put the Havemeyer Trophy over his fireplace when he was on the pitch with two-to-two at the time, Doc Redman was stepping up his game to learn the club’s history / p>

What makes No 10 so “devilish” on the Riviera?

The sophomore Clemson student graduated 17th Par-5 hit and 18th Yardage run to a 37 Forcing Hole And what better hole to determine America’s oldest championship than the par 4-10. The diabolical hole threw Ghim out of position and it was Redman who flew home with a little more than hand luggage

These moments are no accident Augusta National did not routinely coincidentally have a thrilling second nine courses on Sunday It happened because the course was designed for monumental moments and utter breakdowns The golf course is exciting

At this moment, I remind you that the Riviera is going to host the 28 Olympics, which is going to feel great as it should, and could have Wimbledon-hosting-the-2012-Olympics-vibe

But that’s seven years from now. This is yet another generation that misses the Riviera as the canvas for the biggest golf events

The US. The opening is planned by 2027 No Riviera The PGA championship is planned until 2029 No Riviera

The USGA visited the Riviera in 1998 for the US. Senior Open It was appropriately won by the greatest senior of all time, Hale Irwin History often clashes with history on the Riviera, and last year Riviera was viewed as an alternative location for the US Opened when the dates were swapped due to the COVID-19 pandemic With a possible December US. Open discussions and weather an obvious problem at Winged Foot, Riviera, the jewel of the west coast, were the go-to place

“We were honored that Riviera offered their wonderful course in hosting the US Open Championship this year if necessary, “USGA Branding Director Craig Annis told Golfweek in 2020,” They have been a wonderful partner and we were intrigued by the opportunity to return for many years but couldn’t figure out exactly how to do this on a smaller scale Space should happen This situation could have been ideal under the given circumstances ”

The US. The Open was finally contested in September and Winged Foot was an excellent host, however, Riviera Knowledge was considered – shortly – as an alternate website that said everything about the championship pedigree

It’s time to bring a big championship back to the Riviera.As Annis mentioned, it would take some serious planning and force the USGA or the PGA of America to get creative considering how little space the course allows, however the logistics shouldn’t get in the way of the story

If we wait any longer, another generation will miss the opportunity Dustin Johnson turns 37 this summer Bubba Watson is 42 Adam Scott’s prime also appears behind him Everyone won tour events on the Riviera Everyone would have enjoyed the chance to compete in a major there

Riviera is too good not to be involved in the upcoming big championship planning. Every year we leave the west coast swing and think about it, so let’s finally end the discussions and start the campaigns

BY Rex Hoggard

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BY Rex Hoggard

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