BOSTON (CBS) – Payton Pritchard’s NBA career is only eight games old, but the rookie already has a memorable accomplishment

When Pritchard got an additional run out of the line-up with Marcus Smart on Monday evening, he switched off the lights and walked 8-on-13 from the field and 2-on-4 from the 3-point area on the way to 23 Points off the bench in the Celtics ‘126-114 win over the Raptors Pritchard was the Celtics’ second-best goalscorer, only behind Jayson Tatum and his 40-point performance Pritchard also had eight assists at team level and was the first Celtics rookie with 20 points and eight assists since Antoine Walker in 1997

It was obviously a significant step for the 22-year-old Oregon rookie Danny Ainge came 26th Wahl drafted in November draft but after winning, fifth-year-old star Jaylen Brown made sure his new teammate stayed on the ground

On his Instagram page, Brown shared an embarrassing video of a young Pritchard dancing – sometimes sometimes shirtless – in front of his fridge. Brown’s captain read “Mood @ paytonpritch3 🤣”

For those unfamiliar with old viral trends, Pritchard ran the “Running Man Challenge,” which was popular back in 2016 Suffice it to say that a teenage Pritchard probably didn’t think about an NBA teammate it would give birth more than four years later

“I haven’t seen the video in a long time. That was from high school. Like the beginning of high school, I think of course the video will start now, but I’ll have a little fun with it. I started laughing when I saw it. But yeah, he put it out there so I have to take care of it ”

As long as such posts come in after 23 point nights with eight assistants, Pritchard likely won’t have too much trouble dealing with them

Payton Pritchard

World News – USA – Jaylen Brown thinks Payton Pritchard humble after rookie’s big night with awkward dance video